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How long have you been natural?
My last full relaxer was may 2005. I transitioned for a year and BC in May 2006. I then texturized in the same month. A texturizer is just a relaxer left on less time and not smoothed through. I have not touched any chemical since then. I then cut out the remaining relaxer gradually over 2 yrs. My texturized ends were gone in Dec. 2008.

In all reality I have been completely natural since Dec. 2008.

How did you transition?
I transitioned twice. The first time I did it by growing out my hair for 1 year and doing the BC. The second time I cut a bit off every now and then until it was all gone.

What is your regimen?
Um.. That one is kinda hard to explain.. I do not really have a set reggie because I tend to wear my hair in many different styles. The way that I take care of those styles varies greatly. The main things I make sure I do is Deep Conditioning and Cowashing.

Why did you cut your hair?
I got on Mirena back in 2008 because I believed it was a good choice since any other birth control caused many problems for me. Mirena caused my hair to shed Massively! Just as I reached MBL it started to fall out and after a year I had Mirena removed. After almost another year of utter frustration and disgust, I ended up chopping it down to 4" in 2010, as shown in this post.

Since then I have been growing my hair back out and as of May 2012, I have reached BSL. Since May 2012, I have experienced a setback and am currently hovering over BSL. I am cutting every few months until it all grows back out, again.

I will be keeping track of my progress in "The Current State of Affairs" series. First week of every month I will take a wet shot and every 2-4 months I will do a wet comparison video.

What are your go-to protective styles?
I have a few signature looks that I have worn consistently over the past few years. They would be my infamous 2-toned kinky twists and my ponytail baggy. I wear a set of kinky twists at least once every year and have done so for the past 10 years or so. The ponytail baggy is the main style that helped me to grow my hair out and keep my ends in tip top shape.

Any other questions??
Feel free to ask!!

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