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Friday, February 03, 2017

Smoothie / Juice Fast - Day 3

So today is day 3ish of my smoothie/juice fast. So far I have done one day smoothie, one day juice, alternating. I think I will keep that going as it seems to be a pretty good balance between the 2.

Funny enough I am already detoxing!! I am in the beginning stages and mostly all the solids have been flushed out of my system.

My smoothie for today consists of the following:

Flax Seeds
Chia Seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Maple Syrup
Diatomaceous Earth

No measuring! I just eyeball it and add more or less to taste. I like a lot of flax seeds in my smoothies so I probably added at least 1/4c. I probably added the same amount of pumpkin seeds as they sort of paralyze the parasites... Based on what I have read.

I blended it all till it was super smooth in my Vitamix. You cant even feel any bit of the seeds. I can taste a little of the DE since I put a TON of it in the smoothie. I also put in a lot of the Maple Syrup to make it really sweet.

I had been craving savory and not so sweet things lately. Not today! & it occured to me that I most likely am craving sweet today because the parasites are not being fed!! Definitely going back to savory and more bitter after today!!

The pumpkin seeds coupled with the DE and the wormwood, Black Walnut, clove in my fasted state I am hoping will clear them out much better than when I am eating.

I filled up a 32oz mason jar and will drink this throughout the day along with water and another 32oz of Kombucha!

I absolutely LOVE Kombucha. I am fermenting my third batch of Kombucha now and my first batch of water kefir and they both should be ready this weekend. After that I will be able to make a new batch of the kefir every day. I currently make 2-3 gallons of kombucha every week.

My kids originally said that they wouldn't drink the Kombucha... Now they love it!

The smoothie provides the DE which will kill any parasites and the Kombucha provides probiotics and other great properties to help repopulate the gut.

I was going to do a liver flush today but sadly there was a little mishap with my juicer this morning, so I pulled out the vitamix. I will be doing one tomorrow!

Apple juice all day and then oil & grapefruit tomorrow night.

I will only continue this for a few more days and will plan to do a 3-5 day cleanse every month from now on!

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