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Monday, February 13, 2017

Continuting the Fast - Juicing & Going RAW

My weekends are pretty interesting. I make a new batch of Kombucha. Get the kids busy with cleaning the house. I went grocery shopping last weekend and decided that I want to go majority RAW for at least the next month and juice as much as possible.

When I went to the grocery store this time I ONLY bought fresh fruits and veggies. I love that my bill was much lower than it would have been had I bought other foods. I got a TON of food!

I took a ton of Diatomaetious Earth and activated charcoal one night last week and was super dehydrated and detoxing due to the fact that I did not drink enough water. However, my efforts are yielding tons of results! I am definitely seeing things and changes in my body. I am detoxing and feeling weird flushing through my body which I hope is probably some toxin being release upon their death.

My juice last Tuesday consisted of carrot, celery, ginger, granny smith apple, garlic, and onion.... Yes you read that right. Garlic and onion.

Why you ask? Because garlic & onion kills and makes a unfavorable environment for parasites and candida. It definitely packs a punch but the Granny Smith apples definitely masks it very well!! Much better than I thought they would. This is what my juices have been looking like lately.

I am seeing a huge improvement since I started back on fast. Over January, I was eating all while doing the cleanse. Fasting has made things move through and die out much, much faster.

I woke up the past few mornings feeling very clear and my stomach has gone down a lot more!! The bloating and extra "weight" that I thought I had weren't even part of me!! I can now physically see that my descending and transverse colon are much more cleared out in comparison to my ascending thanks to cleansing and enemas. My goal now is to clear out this last part of my colon as well as my small intestine as much as possible over the next few months.

This is quite disgusting and I will continue to sugar coat it(Unless someone wants to know more) but it is just something that I simply cant ignore. I never thought I would have such a large infestation and honestly I have eaten pretty clean for years. If I am dealing with this weighing 130 -1450lbs I can only imagine what other people who eat horribly have going on in their bodies,

I weighted myself and before I started juicing a few days ago, I was at 146ish lbs. Today (2/8/2017) I am at 135lbs!! 10lbs of parasites??? *throws up in the corner* Literally none of the weight I have dropped is fat or muscle.... There are still more and I am working hard to get as many out as I possibly can!

I found that making my regular juice to drink throughout the day and make sort of a shooter of Granny Smith Apple, Onion, Garlic definitely helps me. I am now looking for ways to not reek of garlic!!

I will be juicing for the rest of the month and eating lightly and Raw as much as possible. I will go back to juicing again with one day of the master cleanse during the new moon and full moons for the next few months.

Juicing and cleansing has been a part of my life for the last 13+ years! I highly recommend it to an and everyone who may be having any health or digestive issues! In my opinion juicing at least everyone should try in their lifetime.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Smoothie / Juice Fast - Day 3

So today is day 3ish of my smoothie/juice fast. So far I have done one day smoothie, one day juice, alternating. I think I will keep that going as it seems to be a pretty good balance between the 2.

Funny enough I am already detoxing!! I am in the beginning stages and mostly all the solids have been flushed out of my system.

My smoothie for today consists of the following:

Flax Seeds
Chia Seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Maple Syrup
Diatomaceous Earth

No measuring! I just eyeball it and add more or less to taste. I like a lot of flax seeds in my smoothies so I probably added at least 1/4c. I probably added the same amount of pumpkin seeds as they sort of paralyze the parasites... Based on what I have read.

I blended it all till it was super smooth in my Vitamix. You cant even feel any bit of the seeds. I can taste a little of the DE since I put a TON of it in the smoothie. I also put in a lot of the Maple Syrup to make it really sweet.

I had been craving savory and not so sweet things lately. Not today! & it occured to me that I most likely am craving sweet today because the parasites are not being fed!! Definitely going back to savory and more bitter after today!!

The pumpkin seeds coupled with the DE and the wormwood, Black Walnut, clove in my fasted state I am hoping will clear them out much better than when I am eating.

I filled up a 32oz mason jar and will drink this throughout the day along with water and another 32oz of Kombucha!

I absolutely LOVE Kombucha. I am fermenting my third batch of Kombucha now and my first batch of water kefir and they both should be ready this weekend. After that I will be able to make a new batch of the kefir every day. I currently make 2-3 gallons of kombucha every week.

My kids originally said that they wouldn't drink the Kombucha... Now they love it!

The smoothie provides the DE which will kill any parasites and the Kombucha provides probiotics and other great properties to help repopulate the gut.

I was going to do a liver flush today but sadly there was a little mishap with my juicer this morning, so I pulled out the vitamix. I will be doing one tomorrow!

Apple juice all day and then oil & grapefruit tomorrow night.

I will only continue this for a few more days and will plan to do a 3-5 day cleanse every month from now on!

Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Master Cleanse & Smoothie / Juice Fasting - Parasites??

Before Christmas I went on a 10 day Master Cleanse. I enjoy fasting and doing this every now and then to clean and clear out my system. I am a believer that everyone can benefit from fasting and cleansing their bodies in some capacity.

So I did this master cleanse modified of course as I usually do. Now I had some digestive issues that I have been dealing with for the past few years that I have been trying to work out. Cleansing has done wonders for me so far! Now I know that I have some things that I need to get out of my system that are being super stubborn!!

I started out drinking the lemonade without the cayenne... Why I don't know, due to the fact that I love cayenne!! One day I went ahead and added cayenne and when it was time for me to go there was what looked like RICE!!!

I went ahead and googled and yes these indicated the I have... TAPEWORMS!

Cayenne pepper is great at revealing if you have them or not. & more people have them then you would think!

Now I figured I had some anyway since I had been feeling movement in my stomach every now and then and I haven't done a full parasite cleanse in years!

Eww you say?? Yea I know... If you eat meat that is not frozen before cooking, sushi, or any meat that has not been cooked all the way through(like they love to do at many restaurants..) you probably have parasites as well.

When I lived in NYC my diet changed completely. I started eating a ton more sushi than before and eating meats that at certain restaurants were pretty questionable. I didn't even think twice about it! Although I LOVE sushi and I would continue to eat it if I was still eating fish.

However, I am not and will not ever again(at this point). No meat of any kind for me.

I believe that I have had this issue for the past few years. I have been super greedy and never feel satisfied. I want to eat 5 mins after my meal is done and stuffing myself to the point where I feel sick and cant hold anymore... Only to let some of it clear out of my stomach and eat more after a few minutes.

I did start to gain quite a bit of weight even with having a high metabolism.

I have been able to curb these horrible eating habits by doing a lot of intermittent fasting. Only eating at lunch time, which I feel is better because I am active during the day. I feel like eating right before going to bed does not help the body in any way. I lost some of the weight by doing this and am now at my happy size.

In January I went ahead and started a parasite cleanse. I ordered the NOW black walnut wormwood complex. I took this multiple times a day, every day. Not too long after I started that I ordered Diatomaceous earth and took that 1-2 times a day. 

Immediately after starting DE I saw one.... I will not go into detail. It wasn't pretty.

At this point I have taken about a week off of the parasite cleanse after a month. Yesterday I decided I was ready to commit to a fast! I could probably benefit more from doing another Master Cleanse but right now I have the mindset for a juice and smoothie fast combined with my modified master cleanse.

I believe the parasites have caused a blockage and fasting along with the parasite cleanse will hopefully clear them all out this time around.

I will be juicing or making a smoothie every morning before work. Yesterday I did a smoothie with mango, peach, banana with some flax seeds. Today I did juice with carrot, celery, cucumber, sweet potato, an apple, and a little grapefruit juice.

I had some potatoes yesterday so didnt start off horribly, but I am not completely fasting just yet. I need to do some of the 3 things I usually do to flush out my system. One I will do tonight when I get home. I am not sure if I want to incorporate the tea as of yet. The SWF I will do over the weekend first thing in the mornings.

In my last cleanse, I tried to do the SWF and they pretty much did not work. Cant really say why... Maybe whatever is in there absorbed or blocked it.


Ok anyway!

I will be incorporating my parasite cleanse into this fast. I will also be drinking my Kombucha and Kefir for probiotics to repopulate my gut with good bacteria.

Today officially marks day one! Hopefully I make it!!! I want to continue for at least 5 days and depending on how I feel and if I am not craving more food, I will go longer. My hope is this time with incorporating juice into the cleanse and not just the master cleanse lemonade I will not be as hungry and tempted to eat! Last time it wasnt hard per se... But I just couldnt wait to be able to eat!

Wish me luck!!

(If you want me to go into detail about anything, let me know. At this point I will keep certain ick things pretty vague. lol)

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