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Friday, January 27, 2017

Perennial Fruits & Getting Ready for a New Season - Container Garden 2017

This year I am starting off fairly early! Much earlier than last year. Its almost February and already I have seedlings emerging! 

I want to make sure this year I start off right and am able to get continued harvests throughout the season.

However right now I want to talk about my perennials. Over the last year I developed a newfound love of perennial plants. Particularly berry bushes and citrus trees!

I bought and killed 2 strawberry plants & a lemon tree all from Home Depot. They weren't in the best shape initially when I bought them. I probably could have saved them, but the strawberries had a terrible aphid infestation and the tree was dried and shriveled and only had like 2 leaves on it.

After that and watching One Yard Revolution I found Stark Bro's. I obsessively poured over their website and started out with a Pineberry, which is a white strawberry, a Heritage Raspberry and an Issia Kiwi.

After that I decided to buy more...

I bought more trees from a website that I will not name due to the fact that I have not read anything good about them and I personally had a bad experience with them. The prices were bottom dollar so I thought what the hell...

I bought Lemon, Lime, Orange, & Tangerine trees, 2 Pomegranate bushes and a Cherry tree. I also bought 2 Hazelnut trees, and an Almond tree. All three of the nut trees arrived dead and some of the others died not too long after. I will be requesting replacements soon due to the fact that they do offer a 1 year warranty. That is probably the only good thing about this company. Although the process for getting replacements is horrible & nonsensical. We will see how that goes when I send in my request.

After that I went back to Stark and bought Concord Grape, Boysenberry, and Cranberry plants!! Definitely doing too much.. But I still want more!!

I then bought a Caper plant from a seller on eBay. This one plant in particular is proving to be pretty difficult... All the advise around on how to take care of it pretty much confuses the shit out of me since it goes against all I know. I have experience with Aloe Vera and other cactus, but this one baffles me!

Hopefully I will figure it out soon without killing it off completely.

I started some seeds in my seed tray. For some reason I have a bit of an aversion to using it. I prefer to start them in individual planters or larger cell seed trays.

I planted quite a few seeds in each cell so that I would get a few of each plant and be able to pick and choose the best plant start to keep. I do not want to grow more than a few of each of these.

As they grow from the seed tray I will remove the best ones and repot into a re-purposed water bottle. We drink a lot of Aquafina and I thought this would be a great way to up-cycle the bottles before recycling them. Each plant will get its own bottle to live in until it gets big enough to be put into one of the 7 gallon grow bags I bought,

Today, I will be planting all my tomatoes, peppers, melons, and things of the like. This way they will have the best start and I will be able to get fruit much sooner than I did last year!!

The melons in particular take much longer for the fruit to ripen. I did get seeds that grow smaller melons just so I would be able to enjoy growing them in my relatively short growing season in NY. I have never grown them before so this will be something new & exciting!!!

These all will go directly into the water bottles and will sit in the windows in my sun room until they are ready to go outside!

This year I do plan to keep a much better vlog on the things going on in my garden. I will have much more time to dedicate to it as well. Looking forward to my 2017 growing season!!

I'm excited!

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