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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Racism and the Political Atmosphere - Thinking Out Loud Thursday *31*

I wrote this a few months ago and never posted it... I think I should stop censoring my posts...

So I haven't posted a Thinking Out Loud in quite some time!! October, 2013 to be exact!!!

I thought I would revive this series and see if I could expand upon it in some way. We will see about that...

I wanted to talk about the political atmosphere in this presidential election. On one hand we have Hilary Clinton who I will be 100% voting for!! I wanted to make that clear first and foremost. I am absolutely a Bernie Sanders supporter and would love to have him as my president. I do hope he runs again in the future. However I have always supported Hilary and she definitely is next in line after Obama.

Clinton has from what I have seen quite a few "haters" as I would like to put it. There are so many people that are so far against Hilary Clinton that they would prefer to have a moron running the county into the ground, the same with his own businesses - emphasis on the plural.

I would much rather live in a county where we are building each other up everyday than tearing each other down with hate and fear mongering. This world where it is OK to hate each other based on nothing more than appearance or religion will be even more pronounced with that racist bigot in the white house.

We as a people must spend more time developing each other and attempting to make each other better in some way, instead of the opposite!

All this hate and drama that goes on is not good for our future and our children's future. My question is how can you hate someone who has never done anything to negatively affect you?? How can you make assumptions and discriminate against someone without any substance behind said assumptions??

How do you try to ban an entire race or religion with the concept that they are ALL bad!! There are bad people from all walks of life. Bad does not designate itself to where someone comes from, or the color of their skin!!

I was watching CNN a while back and there was an ignorant commentator who stated that black people get arrested more because they commit more crimes. That is complete and absolute bullshit that he and people who think like him are just to blind to open their eyes and see!!

I have witnessed first hand where someone of a lighter complexion would get away with a crime Scott free whereas someone of a darker complexion would get the book thrown at them. People have this preconceived subconscious notion that darker skin equates to criminal, bad, belongs in jail, ect...

Just look at all the media that surrounds all these shootings! A man walks into a church and guns down several people. He lives to stand trial. A child in a park with a BB gun, shot dead on sight!!

A man upset leaves dinner and murders an innocent couple and eats their face. The cops say he "was a good kid". Obviously not!!!

They paint these monsters as anything but that, and label these unarmed black men, women, and children who are gunned down as thugs, heathens, and criminals!! Attempting to justify their over use of force and prejudice!

When people assume that racism isn't a thing when they have never experienced it first hand its a problem. It is even bigger than people would like to believe. If you put someone in a box and assume the worst of them how can they show you that they are better?? Especially when you choose not to look and prefer to ignore.

I was watching a clip where a white man basically told a black man that his experiences of racial oppression were of his own making and that people of color need to stand on their own 2 feet. The black man completely shut his thought down stating that due to the fact of how this country was stolen from the Native Americans, how Africa, Australia, Asia stared with only people of color that white men are standing on the backs of all of those they have stolen from & who they feel are beneath them! Including white women!

To expand on my previous thoughts...

This rings true on so many levels for the tone of this election. It is sad that we are going through this again today and that people are coming out of their racist closet thinking it is ok to be this way.

Electing Donald Trump can possibly be the worst or the best thing that Dumb America could have done. Worst case scenario is he gets us into a war somewhere, revokes Roe v Wade, Gay Marriage, and Obamacare, as well as all the other things that this country needs. Best case he actually does not do any of the crazy shit that he ran on and actually acts like a good president. (Unlikely)

Either way I hope that this election has taught people that they just cant sit at home on election day or any other day that will define our country and lives in some way. You have to stand up for what you want and what you believe in.

If you don't other people will and their agenda will be pushed, while yours is pushed aside...

Get out there and vote on big and small elections.

Stand up for what you believe in!! As long as what you believe in is just.

Hatred and bigotry should not be what we show towards one another!

Respect and understanding will get us much farther than we ever could imagine. Would be nice, wouldn't it...

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