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Friday, May 13, 2016

New Addictions! Lampworking & Programming!!

Everyday I get home from work I have only 2 things on my mind. Lampworking and programming. 

I love programming. I have very logical mind and I love to work out problems and solve all kinds of issues. All day I am just thinking on how I can improve my apps and what new features I can add. I really wish that I had more time to just dedicate myself to it. I am close to being done with a new version of THD. I said before that I would have a new version out a few months ago, however I ended up going into a completely different direction than I originally was. This new version is going to be so much better in so many ways and I just cant wait to complete and release it!

I also have other ideas for other apps as well that I am currently working on. In due time...

More so Lampworking... I absolutely love it!! I have been making so many things and really just trying to find my place in the world. I have been mostly making beads and implosion marbles. I am trying to perfect my flowers on both. I made some murinni as well and attempted some sculptures.

The murrini and the sculptures I do need a little more practice as well as my dot stacking techniques. Other than that I am having so much fun with all of this! There are so many possibilities with glass and it is really exciting to sit down in front of a torch and create something you would never think you would be able to make!!

 My very 1st Goddesss bead!! She is so hot!! I never really liked goddess beads. Why make a naked lady out of glass?? But I decided to go ahead and make her to practice some sculpting skills and wow!! I am in love!! I want to make more!!

 This Pansy turned out pretty great! I wish there were brighter shades of purple and pink available!! It needs a little more work and sparkle, so I will try again! I also need to work on not boiling my glass as I melt it.

Just a few of the flower marbles I have made. 

Made a little wrap bracelet out of a bunch of the beads I am happy with.

Blue and white flower marble. :) 

One of my favorites!

 A little tree bead!

A handful of marbles! 

Blue flower! Blue mushroom! 

A pair of hearts! One for me and one for my little lady! :) 

My Malcolm's first time on the torch! 

 Making a wave bead!

And last but not least here is some of the glass I have bought. Once you start... You will never want to stop! I love lampworking and jewelry making!

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