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Friday, May 20, 2016

Getting Back into Yoga

Funny thing, at my job we had a yoga class and of course I am all for it having sparingly done yoga here and there over the past 12 years. I started doing it when I was 18 when Inhale with Steve Ross was on Oxygen. I recorded the shows with my DVR and did it every night before I went to bed. I loved it!

I haven't been as consistent with it since then and do it whenever I need to relax or after running or a really hard workout to stretch my muscles. I haven't done it enough to be able to do a proper down dog, split, or anything remotely advanced. I would consider myself somewhere between beginner and moderate in terms of flexibility.

Anyway, I went to these yoga classes at work and the instructor taught the MELT method and Yoga Tune Up! I immediately fell in love!! I have a bad back and issues with my hands from years and years of doing hair. I have slowed down on doing hair significantly but am still having issues.

The melt method you are massaging your hands and feet with these soft or firm balls. They definitely help me to release the tension in the muscles in my hands. The balls are made to massage the fascia and help ease pain caused by repeated motions.

The Tune Up balls do the same thing but for other parts of the body in addition to the hands. The size of the balls change the intensity or deepness of the massage. Tune up has 3 other sizes, that I will probably buy soon, larger than the ones I have pictured. I bought 2 sets of them so that I could have them where ever I am. I carry the pictured set around with me everywhere. As you can see the letters are wearing off because my kids and I use them so much.

I started back doing yoga daily again. I want to build back my strength and flexibility again. I signed up for Daily Burn and so far I am loving the instructor Briohny. The was she explains everything and how smoothly she moves into the poses is just fantastic.

I strive to be as good as she is.

My flexibility issues are in my legs and groin mostly. I can do pretty good back bends, twists, and arm stretches. One of the hardest poses for me is probably Supta Virasana. I can barely lean back in that pose.

Downward Dog I am getting much better with, although I still cant put my feet flat to the floor. I am slowly getting there & learning to accept my bent knees... and working to straighten them!

I have always followed a few yoga youtube channels. YogaYak being my favorite. I recently came across KinoYoga and honestly I am appalled at all the hate that she gets!! They criticize her clothing, her style of yoga, just EVERYTHING!!

I started following her on periscope and love just watching her practice. Her flexibility is ridiculous!!

I want to do Yoga videos(maybe) but I dont think I would be that great to watch lol. Definitely not instructional...

Ughh... Anyway. All this to say Yoga is great! and I am hoping to continue to do it daily and build up my strength and flexibility, as well as finding more inner peace and happiness. :)

I'll talk more about it later.

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