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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Container Garden 2016 - Seedlings & Things

Here are 2 quick videos of what I have growing (and what is not growing) so far this year. I started container gardening 2 years ago. Started with just herbs the 1st year and added a few veggies the 2nd. This year I want to do much more!

Majority of what I have planted have come up beautifully!!! The only thing that I have had a real problem with is the Cilantro. My cilantro I cant get to germinate and I cant get it to grow beyond seedlings when I can! I bought a plant but that will only last for so long before it bolts and goes to seed.

Other than that I had an issue with Aphids and white flies. Because of that I will be keeping the plants inside. I have been spraying with soapy water to combat them and I pruned the crap out of my mint just to get rid of the leaves that were infested with the white fly eggs. I ended up tossing out the brussel sprouts that I had been growing since last year because the aphids  that attacked it! It was disgusting!!

I think I have a handle on it now and I am checking everyday to make sure there are no new eggs. This year I am keeping a spray bottle of soapy water and baking soda on hand at all times to combat the bugs and powdery mildew. Hopefully it will not become an issue like last year.

So far I will be keeping everything indoors as well this year. I am debating on if I want to set up a raised bed in the backyard, but I don't want to deal with the bugs!! lol

I will be updating my worm bin situation soon. I have definitely overfilled it and it is smelling and the worms are eating the food slower than I think they should. I need to redo the environment and I have been stuffing more and more shredded paper in the bin to help it dry out more and more. I would like to do the flow through bin again but have yet to really master it. Last year I ended up with kind of a gnat infestation.... Eww!

I am also going to be making grow bags out of landscape fabric. I think grow bags will be a better option for me since I am doing all containers so far. I don't want my plants to not do well and get root bound from being in the hard plastic pots.

I also bought a few new seeds. I typically avoid determinate tomato plants because I don't like the idea that once they set the fruit they are done. I want them to continuously produce!! But I saw the Red Robin tomatoes that stay really small but produce a shit ton of tomatoes!!! The grow within 30-45 days!! So fast!!

I am really excited about growing those in particular!! I have so many other seeds that I haven't even tried and some that would do best outside. My sun room has turned into a major grow room and I am thinking of adding a lot more with grow lights as well to help them along just in case they are not getting enough sun.

My lettuce and peppermint are doing great so far and I am looking forward to seeing what I can get to grow this year. The seedlings that came up look promising so far and I am pretty excited for a productive season in the container garden!

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