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So whats new??

Just a little update on my life and most of the things that I have going on at any point in time. :) So many things, so little time!! I...

Friday, April 22, 2016

So whats new??

Just a little update on my life and most of the things that I have going on at any point in time. :)

So many things, so little time!!

Its Earth Day!!!

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Winter or lack of

I live in NY and the weather here has been crazy!! Warm and sunny one day, then cold and snowing the next!(LITERALLY!!) This year more than any other I feel like our effect on the environment has really displayed itself.

It would be great if people as a whole worked together to save the environment! But alas, human nature...


My container garden is starting back up! Some of them survived the winter and as soon as it got warm the damn aphids that were hibernating came out and infested almost everything!!! I got rid of a few things because of that and planted some new seeds.

No computer

I have been using and fixing my Macbook Pro for 7 years now and she has finally had it!! She wouldn't turn on for weeks at a time and when she did, she would give me a really hard time. Due to this I was really frustrated. I couldn't do YouTube. I couldn't update The Hair Diary app. I couldn't do anything!


Working full time and recently all I have been doing is going to work and coming home and binge watching quite a few shows that I have become a little addicted to.

To name a few: Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Blindspot, Grimm, Quanitco, The Walking Dead, Fear TWD, The Family, Gotham, and many more. Ok my addiction might be a little bigger than I thought.


The kids are doing great! Aside from attempting to motivate them to keep the house clean(and mostly failing) they are keeping up with the things they should be and being much more responsible than expected. Malcolm is a hot mess as usual.


I always have a million and one things going on at once. As well as a million and one things running through my mind at any given time!!! I do feel like recently I have just wanted to slow it down a little..,. Although I have slowed down on a lot of the things I do online, my life has not slowed down what so ever!!

I have been adding some new things to my life recently so I doubt I will be slowing down any time soon!


I have been interested in this for years since I started making jewelry. I wanted to be able to make my own beads and things of that nature because the place I was buying from sold them in bulk in much lesser quality than I would have liked.

I took a class just to I guess wrap my head around it until I had the money for it and bought all of the equipment that I needed to get started a few months after and have been melting away ever since!

I also let my kids take a class to make beads themselves and they love it!


I am an artist at heart. I love to draw, paint, and pretty much do anything that has to do with being creative!


With all of the beads I have been making recently I pulled out most of my jewelry making stuff and will definitely be making some new stuff as time goes on! :)


I'm vegetarian!!! and I am trying to get my kids to follow suit!! I made a conscious effort to stop eating meat for several reasons. Mostly do to how the meat and food production industry is run. Those people are barbaric!!!!

Wannabe Vegan

Sometimes I eat vegan. Sometime I don't. What's the difference? No dairy(I love cheese!), no honey(yum!), no eggs(nom nom), no nothing that is produced from an animal. Period!

One day.... I am taking one step at a time!

Home Studio

I have been spending a lot of time setting up a work / jewelry / art studio at home. I have tons of equipment and tools that I have accumulated and am constantly gaining more. At the moment I do think I have more than enough and that I need to slow down on getting new stuff and start producing some things. In time....

New Computer Build

Since having no computer had set me back so far I saved up all my pennies and bought parts to put together my very own Hackintosh!! With help from TonyMac and a few YouTubers I was successful in building an awesome and powerful computer that I can do everything I need on! I just need a more comfortable chair!


My YouTube channel hasn't been updated since I chopped off all my hair last year. It will be a full year next month and I will definitely be doing an update. I filmed my Hackintosh build and will be posting that on my BeautyandtheBabies channel.

I really want to start doing daily vlogs, but my kids are nuts! They are interested in doing them so maybe the next generation will be better at keeping up than I was.... LOL

The Hair Diary

Right now I am working on an entire revamp of the app!!! I am starting everything over from the ground up!! I let my apple developer account lapse so THD is not available for iPhone at the moment. It will be available once again as soon as I am done with the app. :)

Bringing it all back together

I have been working to bring it all back together once again! The app especially is the most important thing to me with everything that I am doing online and I have some other things that I am working on for the future as well.

Again, one step at a time!!

Getting work done (or not)

I have gotten a lot of distractions out of my life and am much more sane because of it. My focus right now is getting as much work done as I can!! I really want my mobile apps to help as many people as possible!!

So whats going on in your life??? :)

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