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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Racism and the Political Atmosphere - Thinking Out Loud Thursday *31*

I wrote this a few months ago and never posted it... I think I should stop censoring my posts...

So I haven't posted a Thinking Out Loud in quite some time!! October, 2013 to be exact!!!

I thought I would revive this series and see if I could expand upon it in some way. We will see about that...

I wanted to talk about the political atmosphere in this presidential election. On one hand we have Hilary Clinton who I will be 100% voting for!! I wanted to make that clear first and foremost. I am absolutely a Bernie Sanders supporter and would love to have him as my president. I do hope he runs again in the future. However I have always supported Hilary and she definitely is next in line after Obama.

Clinton has from what I have seen quite a few "haters" as I would like to put it. There are so many people that are so far against Hilary Clinton that they would prefer to have a moron running the county into the ground, the same with his own businesses - emphasis on the plural.

I would much rather live in a county where we are building each other up everyday than tearing each other down with hate and fear mongering. This world where it is OK to hate each other based on nothing more than appearance or religion will be even more pronounced with that racist bigot in the white house.

We as a people must spend more time developing each other and attempting to make each other better in some way, instead of the opposite!

All this hate and drama that goes on is not good for our future and our children's future. My question is how can you hate someone who has never done anything to negatively affect you?? How can you make assumptions and discriminate against someone without any substance behind said assumptions??

How do you try to ban an entire race or religion with the concept that they are ALL bad!! There are bad people from all walks of life. Bad does not designate itself to where someone comes from, or the color of their skin!!

I was watching CNN a while back and there was an ignorant commentator who stated that black people get arrested more because they commit more crimes. That is complete and absolute bullshit that he and people who think like him are just to blind to open their eyes and see!!

I have witnessed first hand where someone of a lighter complexion would get away with a crime Scott free whereas someone of a darker complexion would get the book thrown at them. People have this preconceived subconscious notion that darker skin equates to criminal, bad, belongs in jail, ect...

Just look at all the media that surrounds all these shootings! A man walks into a church and guns down several people. He lives to stand trial. A child in a park with a BB gun, shot dead on sight!!

A man upset leaves dinner and murders an innocent couple and eats their face. The cops say he "was a good kid". Obviously not!!!

They paint these monsters as anything but that, and label these unarmed black men, women, and children who are gunned down as thugs, heathens, and criminals!! Attempting to justify their over use of force and prejudice!

When people assume that racism isn't a thing when they have never experienced it first hand its a problem. It is even bigger than people would like to believe. If you put someone in a box and assume the worst of them how can they show you that they are better?? Especially when you choose not to look and prefer to ignore.

I was watching a clip where a white man basically told a black man that his experiences of racial oppression were of his own making and that people of color need to stand on their own 2 feet. The black man completely shut his thought down stating that due to the fact of how this country was stolen from the Native Americans, how Africa, Australia, Asia stared with only people of color that white men are standing on the backs of all of those they have stolen from & who they feel are beneath them! Including white women!

To expand on my previous thoughts...

This rings true on so many levels for the tone of this election. It is sad that we are going through this again today and that people are coming out of their racist closet thinking it is ok to be this way.

Electing Donald Trump can possibly be the worst or the best thing that Dumb America could have done. Worst case scenario is he gets us into a war somewhere, revokes Roe v Wade, Gay Marriage, and Obamacare, as well as all the other things that this country needs. Best case he actually does not do any of the crazy shit that he ran on and actually acts like a good president. (Unlikely)

Either way I hope that this election has taught people that they just cant sit at home on election day or any other day that will define our country and lives in some way. You have to stand up for what you want and what you believe in.

If you don't other people will and their agenda will be pushed, while yours is pushed aside...

Get out there and vote on big and small elections.

Stand up for what you believe in!! As long as what you believe in is just.

Hatred and bigotry should not be what we show towards one another!

Respect and understanding will get us much farther than we ever could imagine. Would be nice, wouldn't it...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Vegan lifestyle is so hard!! - Let go of whatever is holding you back

Changing my lifestyle has not been very complicated at all! I mean in terms of going from a meat eater to only chicken & fish, then only fish, then vegetarian, and finally vegan.

The longest transition for me was going full vegetarian. Only because of the abundance of food always around at my job! There was always something around to eat. I made it a point to not even look at & consider eating the meat and once I had that in my mind it was pretty much set.

At home, it is much easier. I simply do not buy meat!! And now I am not buying any animal products period! No meat, milk, cheese, or eggs. I never really did honey...

Since I have found #Aquafaba I especially have no need for eggs. The only thing that is somewhat missed is the cheese. I have not spent a lot of time looking for alternatives as of yet but I will make it a point to do so next time I head to the grocery store.

A whole new world opened up for me since going Vegan. Now I can eat and not worry about where my food came from or if it will cause me or my kids our health in some way. I can eat knowing that no other living thing is being harmed in the process.

People who have never thought about being vegetarian or vegan have such a negative idea about what it is. And my biggest issue with it is why on earth would someone ever be against someone actually eating their veggies!!

When my father found that I converted my sister to vegan he started out with the negativity. I said to him eating vegan is the same as we usually eat just take out the meat. Having grown up with him cooking many almost vegetarian-ish meals, it was not hard to understand. He then said to me "I never could get her to eat her vegetables." Well grandpa!! Now she is!!

All I had to do was show her a video of what happens to the animals on the farm. It wasn't even a super graphic one!!

Once you let go of the idea that you CANT eat like this, everything else is out the door!!

Once you open your mind to finding ways to cook without meat, milk, eggs, and cheese, you will find a whole new world of possibilities that you never would have known!!!

Being vegan is not hard!!

Being vegan is not expensive!!

Being vegan does not take up any more time than eating a SAD(Standard American Diet) does!!!

I never really ate a SAD diet but now when I am walking through the store and I see someone picking up a couple pounds of bacon I cringe and all I can picture are their clogged arteries, heart disease, and all the other issues they have because of their poor eating habits.

The time to start eating healthy is now! If you are thinking about it, let go of whatever it is that is holding you back from doing so!! Do it now! Start now!

If you cant make a conscious effort to do it yourself, no one will do it for you.


Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Vegan Lifestyle?? - Transitioning kids from Vegetarian to Vegan!

Over the past year I have transitioned from being a meat eater to vegetarian. I had always known that was the best way to be and I had already cut out beef and pork from me and my children's diet. We still ate chicken, turkey, and seafood up until earlier this year when I stopped buying any and all kinds of meat. I still bought milk, eggs, cheese, and yogurt until recently and not 100% when I will stop entirely.

I recently started back with an almost daily yoga practice. Something that I have loved to do for years but never did more than once a month after initially starting. In doing yoga and following tons of yogis on Instagram, I came across many, many vegan yogis.

The other day I posted my lunch on Instagram, featuring broccoli, cauliflower, and avocado. It was delicious I must add. I always hashtag myself as #WannabeVegan and a friend of mine commented. It made me realize that I have rarely eaten cheese and have not brought milk into the house for weeks!!

I was subconsciously transitioning to vegan!! So I might as well make it a conscious effort like I did with being vegetarian.

My 18 year old sister didn't really get the point of vegetarian or vegan lifestyles and my kids got it but they were not 100% there yet. I decided to show them the films that made me want to change my eating habits completely in hopes that they would want to change as well.

This past Saturday I started them on Vegucated. This documentary follows 3 New Yorkers who went vegan for 6 weeks. During that time they were also educated about the meat industry and how cruel and inhumane the animals are treated. That alone was enough to open my sisters eyes and make my kids not ask for cow milk anymore.

I had been buying almond and coconut milk and they claimed to not like it. I went to Trader Joes and got soy and rice milk as well to see how they felt about those and I think they are happy with the Vanilla Almond and Coconut milk!! Yay!!

I also stocked up on tons of beans, fruits, and veggies for everyone to eat. I more so lean towards a high carb vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. One thing about this so far is that there are times where I cant control what the kids eat. My kids go to school and there are lunches provided. They also hang out with their friends who do not eat like we do at home. They can ask for salad at school or bring lunch from home, but I can not say that they are absolutely not eating what is being served. And often the salads have ham and cheese of top.

Although, I would love for them to be completely vegan all the way around, I am not militant about it. The other day my daughter went to a birthday party where they had pepperoni pizza and wings, and sausage and eggs for breakfast. I made sure she went there with a watermelon, strawberries, grape juice, whatever she wanted to take, just so she could have the healthy options. I am sure she ate the pizza as well as everything she brought along.

I find that kids are very open to things like this and if they say they don't like veggies then they are eating the wrong ones! Its all about preparation. I find that most veggies taste better if they are cooked just until al dente OR NOT AT ALL. You don't want mushy broccoli! Your kid wont eat it! But if its cooked just right with the right amount of seasoning, they will love it!!

I do not buy any meat at all and I will not be buying anymore milk or cheese either. I do need to find good brands of fake cheese and yogurt though... I just love it too much to completely let it go.

My kids love veggies because they have been exposed to them since birth. If you assume your kid doesn't like veggies and therefore do not give them on a regular basis or only give them in very small portions then how do you expect for you kid to like them??

I have always cooked with meat being a small part of the meal. It was actually quite easy to get rid of it completely! Why do meals have to be centered around meat??

I have successfully been eating vegan  off and on for a while now and have been consistent for a few weeks! I might have had cheese once a week or 2 ago. I am not 100% if I will ever be completely all around vegan, but I will try to get as close as I can.

Chobani, chocolate, and my leather/suede shoes are not out the door just yet. Although I will probably not be buying anymore leather or suede I am definitely not getting rid of anything that I already own. Not yet anyway...(Read: Expensive!)

The Chobani I have cut down on how often I buy it, but I cant say how I will feel next time I walk past it in the store. :)

Best wishes to all the vegetarians, vegans, and wannabe vegans out there!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Container Garden 2016 - Seedlings and things

I am starting my container garden on time this year!! Even though I do wish I would have started even earlier, I have lots growing in my sun room right now!! Take a look...

Last year I was much better at keeping track of what I grew. This year I figured what the hell... Just plant it and see what happens!! 

The only thing about this approach that may be a concern is the plants needs for certain things. But I figure I could just re-pot them as they get bigger.

This last video was recorded May 22nd.

I started a ton of tomatoes and peppers this year!! I am not sure what I am going to do with them all as of yet. I do not want to grow anything in the backyard because they will not get much sun back there. I have trees and the house blocking the sun for majority of the day. 

The front yard gets sun from noon till about 8-9pm everyday, so I think that is much more sufficient. The front is where I grew all my pots last year and my flowers. I planted Tulip and Daffodil bulbs last year and nothing has come up yet. My Cosmo seeds were eaten by all the birds last year so I will be surprised if they come back on their own.

I am thinking of going ahead and planting out my tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers in the front yard! Once they reach a certain size, of course. I will have to ammend the soil a lot because what is there is absolute trash! I have this huge ugly bush next to my porch that I would really love to chop down! I think it would look great with that gone and sunflowers and tomatoes in its place!

Sounds like a plan to me!

Meanwhile I will continue to grow everything that I have in the sun room and probably may have to get some CFL bulbs to supplement any that may not be getting enough light.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beginning Credit Repair - How I jumped +100pts in 3 months!!

My credit profile is frankly less than stellar. I have actually never had a credit card and after an identity theft incident, student loans, and my own neglect my credit score was in the toilet!!

I just started rebuilding in Jan of this year. (2016) My scores started in the low 500s for all 3 bureaus. I was around 515-530. My goal is to reach 700 by the end of the year and 750 by the end of next!

I have a bunch of student loans which I unfortunately defaulted on to the point I started getting my wages garnished. I had been unaware that my loans were being held by multiple creditors, among other things. I thought I had previously taken care of it but the creditor who held a large sum of my loans snuck up on me!
The garnishment was very substantial!! 15% of my income. As a single mother with 3 kids, this was just not acceptable.

I decided to consolidate my loans because of the garnishment. Consolidating is the fastest way to stop your wages from being garnished. The other option was to enroll in a forgiveness program in which I paid them on a monthly basis and after 5 payments the garnishment would be lifted. After a few more months depending on which plan you sign up for the late payments are removed from your credit report.

Other than that I had 1 judgement for other tuition costs, 1 recent late payment, and 1 collection reporting. The only negative item that shows on all 3 bureau is the judgment. I am currently working to get this removed as I was not notified of this at all. 

The late payment was from a utility company who reports your account every single time you are late! I paid them for 2 months and the account was removed completely. This gave me a significant boost in my scores! +55pts!

The consolidation helped my scores a little but I would have preferred to do the forgiveness program to have all the late payments removed, but alas... +30pts

I then decided to start with a secured card that doesn't do a credit check and went with the OpenSky. Starting balance $200. I used that for a few weeks until I got the itch for a new card.

I went ahead an applied for the Capitol One Secured and was approved with a $50 deposit! Starting balance $200. The next day I applied for the Discover It Secured and was approved for that as well with a $200 balance!

I checked my scores on Credit Karma not too long after this and they showed that I had a very good chance to be approved for the platinum and the quicksilver1. I was skeptical so I did a pre-approval on their site which this time it actually showed that I was approved for the platinum!!

I went ahead and applied and they approved me for a $2,000 limit! Huge difference I must say!!

The next day I applied for the QuickSilver One and was approved for $2,000 as well!! If you ever apply for one of these cards and are approved, apply for the other right away so you don't get hit with 2 triple pulls. I was afraid to push my luck since the limit was a huge jump compared to what I already have and compared to what other people are given when they first start building,

I consolidated my student loans in January, applied for the 3 secured cards in February, and in March I applied for the 2 unsecured Capital One cards.

  • Student Loan Consolidation - Removed current Student loan accounts with recent late payments and created new account with positive history so far. Old late payments from closed loans are still showing but due to the fact that those late payments are 6-7 years old the effect is much less substantial to my score.
  • Opened 1st Secured Card - This I believe opened the door for me to get other cards. I did get a score boost when this posted along with my 1st few payments.
  • Opened 2nd & 3rd Secured Cards
  • Paid Utility on time for 2 months - Doing this removed the account along with the late payment completely. If they are not willing to do this on their own you can try sending a good will letter.
  • Opened up 2 Capitol One cards - The higher limits on these cards definitely help with utilization! They will also help me get better starting limits when applying for other cards in the future.

Whats left to remove from account:
  • Collection Account 
  • Judgment
  • Attempt to have lates from student loans removed with Goodwill letters.
Right now I am working to have the judgment removed from my credit report. The collection I have not decided what I want to do with as of yet. It is from 2010 I believe so I don't have much longer before it ages off. I could also do a pay for delete, but I would not offer them much more than 10% of what is owed.

Not too long ago I knew nothing about credit and I would have never imagined jumping over 100pts in just a few short months! I would love to see how high it jumps once that damn judgment and collection removed!!

Starting Scores 1/16 low 500s All 3
3/16 Credit Karma Transunion: 601, Credit Karma Equifax: 551, Experian: 548

4/16 Credit Karma Transunion: 604, Credit Karma Equifax: 606, Experian: 604
5/3/16 Credit Karma Transunion: 635, Credit Karma Equifax: 638

The Hair Diary and Future apps

I am always working to make something better.

Although my kids, full time job, yoga, gardening, and lampworking have been taking up most of my time currently, I have been working as much as I can to complete the new version of The Hair Diary app for Android and iOS.

I also have an amazing idea for a new app that I will be working on in conjunction with The Hair Diary. I had been having an issue coming up with a name but I think I have it now!!

More on that later as I am not revealing anything anytime soon. But I am working on this and THD. I hope to have THD done soon.

What you can expect from this app:

  • Updated Material Design
  • Completely revamped layout
  • Cloud Data
  • Website login
  • Social Sharing
  • Overall better user experience
Everything in time. I need a vacation so I can really get some work done!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Getting Back into Yoga

Funny thing, at my job we had a yoga class and of course I am all for it having sparingly done yoga here and there over the past 12 years. I started doing it when I was 18 when Inhale with Steve Ross was on Oxygen. I recorded the shows with my DVR and did it every night before I went to bed. I loved it!

I haven't been as consistent with it since then and do it whenever I need to relax or after running or a really hard workout to stretch my muscles. I haven't done it enough to be able to do a proper down dog, split, or anything remotely advanced. I would consider myself somewhere between beginner and moderate in terms of flexibility.

Anyway, I went to these yoga classes at work and the instructor taught the MELT method and Yoga Tune Up! I immediately fell in love!! I have a bad back and issues with my hands from years and years of doing hair. I have slowed down on doing hair significantly but am still having issues.

The melt method you are massaging your hands and feet with these soft or firm balls. They definitely help me to release the tension in the muscles in my hands. The balls are made to massage the fascia and help ease pain caused by repeated motions.

The Tune Up balls do the same thing but for other parts of the body in addition to the hands. The size of the balls change the intensity or deepness of the massage. Tune up has 3 other sizes, that I will probably buy soon, larger than the ones I have pictured. I bought 2 sets of them so that I could have them where ever I am. I carry the pictured set around with me everywhere. As you can see the letters are wearing off because my kids and I use them so much.

I started back doing yoga daily again. I want to build back my strength and flexibility again. I signed up for Daily Burn and so far I am loving the instructor Briohny. The was she explains everything and how smoothly she moves into the poses is just fantastic.

I strive to be as good as she is.

My flexibility issues are in my legs and groin mostly. I can do pretty good back bends, twists, and arm stretches. One of the hardest poses for me is probably Supta Virasana. I can barely lean back in that pose.

Downward Dog I am getting much better with, although I still cant put my feet flat to the floor. I am slowly getting there & learning to accept my bent knees... and working to straighten them!

I have always followed a few yoga youtube channels. YogaYak being my favorite. I recently came across KinoYoga and honestly I am appalled at all the hate that she gets!! They criticize her clothing, her style of yoga, just EVERYTHING!!

I started following her on periscope and love just watching her practice. Her flexibility is ridiculous!!

I want to do Yoga videos(maybe) but I dont think I would be that great to watch lol. Definitely not instructional...

Ughh... Anyway. All this to say Yoga is great! and I am hoping to continue to do it daily and build up my strength and flexibility, as well as finding more inner peace and happiness. :)

I'll talk more about it later.

Friday, May 13, 2016

New Addictions! Lampworking & Programming!!

Everyday I get home from work I have only 2 things on my mind. Lampworking and programming. 

I love programming. I have very logical mind and I love to work out problems and solve all kinds of issues. All day I am just thinking on how I can improve my apps and what new features I can add. I really wish that I had more time to just dedicate myself to it. I am close to being done with a new version of THD. I said before that I would have a new version out a few months ago, however I ended up going into a completely different direction than I originally was. This new version is going to be so much better in so many ways and I just cant wait to complete and release it!

I also have other ideas for other apps as well that I am currently working on. In due time...

More so Lampworking... I absolutely love it!! I have been making so many things and really just trying to find my place in the world. I have been mostly making beads and implosion marbles. I am trying to perfect my flowers on both. I made some murinni as well and attempted some sculptures.

The murrini and the sculptures I do need a little more practice as well as my dot stacking techniques. Other than that I am having so much fun with all of this! There are so many possibilities with glass and it is really exciting to sit down in front of a torch and create something you would never think you would be able to make!!

 My very 1st Goddesss bead!! She is so hot!! I never really liked goddess beads. Why make a naked lady out of glass?? But I decided to go ahead and make her to practice some sculpting skills and wow!! I am in love!! I want to make more!!

 This Pansy turned out pretty great! I wish there were brighter shades of purple and pink available!! It needs a little more work and sparkle, so I will try again! I also need to work on not boiling my glass as I melt it.

Just a few of the flower marbles I have made. 

Made a little wrap bracelet out of a bunch of the beads I am happy with.

Blue and white flower marble. :) 

One of my favorites!

 A little tree bead!

A handful of marbles! 

Blue flower! Blue mushroom! 

A pair of hearts! One for me and one for my little lady! :) 

My Malcolm's first time on the torch! 

 Making a wave bead!

And last but not least here is some of the glass I have bought. Once you start... You will never want to stop! I love lampworking and jewelry making!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Container Garden 2016 - Seedlings & Things

Here are 2 quick videos of what I have growing (and what is not growing) so far this year. I started container gardening 2 years ago. Started with just herbs the 1st year and added a few veggies the 2nd. This year I want to do much more!

Majority of what I have planted have come up beautifully!!! The only thing that I have had a real problem with is the Cilantro. My cilantro I cant get to germinate and I cant get it to grow beyond seedlings when I can! I bought a plant but that will only last for so long before it bolts and goes to seed.

Other than that I had an issue with Aphids and white flies. Because of that I will be keeping the plants inside. I have been spraying with soapy water to combat them and I pruned the crap out of my mint just to get rid of the leaves that were infested with the white fly eggs. I ended up tossing out the brussel sprouts that I had been growing since last year because the aphids  that attacked it! It was disgusting!!

I think I have a handle on it now and I am checking everyday to make sure there are no new eggs. This year I am keeping a spray bottle of soapy water and baking soda on hand at all times to combat the bugs and powdery mildew. Hopefully it will not become an issue like last year.

So far I will be keeping everything indoors as well this year. I am debating on if I want to set up a raised bed in the backyard, but I don't want to deal with the bugs!! lol

I will be updating my worm bin situation soon. I have definitely overfilled it and it is smelling and the worms are eating the food slower than I think they should. I need to redo the environment and I have been stuffing more and more shredded paper in the bin to help it dry out more and more. I would like to do the flow through bin again but have yet to really master it. Last year I ended up with kind of a gnat infestation.... Eww!

I am also going to be making grow bags out of landscape fabric. I think grow bags will be a better option for me since I am doing all containers so far. I don't want my plants to not do well and get root bound from being in the hard plastic pots.

I also bought a few new seeds. I typically avoid determinate tomato plants because I don't like the idea that once they set the fruit they are done. I want them to continuously produce!! But I saw the Red Robin tomatoes that stay really small but produce a shit ton of tomatoes!!! The grow within 30-45 days!! So fast!!

I am really excited about growing those in particular!! I have so many other seeds that I haven't even tried and some that would do best outside. My sun room has turned into a major grow room and I am thinking of adding a lot more with grow lights as well to help them along just in case they are not getting enough sun.

My lettuce and peppermint are doing great so far and I am looking forward to seeing what I can get to grow this year. The seedlings that came up look promising so far and I am pretty excited for a productive season in the container garden!

Friday, April 22, 2016

So whats new??

Just a little update on my life and most of the things that I have going on at any point in time. :)

So many things, so little time!!

Its Earth Day!!!

Image result for Earth Day

Winter or lack of

I live in NY and the weather here has been crazy!! Warm and sunny one day, then cold and snowing the next!(LITERALLY!!) This year more than any other I feel like our effect on the environment has really displayed itself.

It would be great if people as a whole worked together to save the environment! But alas, human nature...


My container garden is starting back up! Some of them survived the winter and as soon as it got warm the damn aphids that were hibernating came out and infested almost everything!!! I got rid of a few things because of that and planted some new seeds.

No computer

I have been using and fixing my Macbook Pro for 7 years now and she has finally had it!! She wouldn't turn on for weeks at a time and when she did, she would give me a really hard time. Due to this I was really frustrated. I couldn't do YouTube. I couldn't update The Hair Diary app. I couldn't do anything!


Working full time and recently all I have been doing is going to work and coming home and binge watching quite a few shows that I have become a little addicted to.

To name a few: Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Blindspot, Grimm, Quanitco, The Walking Dead, Fear TWD, The Family, Gotham, and many more. Ok my addiction might be a little bigger than I thought.


The kids are doing great! Aside from attempting to motivate them to keep the house clean(and mostly failing) they are keeping up with the things they should be and being much more responsible than expected. Malcolm is a hot mess as usual.


I always have a million and one things going on at once. As well as a million and one things running through my mind at any given time!!! I do feel like recently I have just wanted to slow it down a little..,. Although I have slowed down on a lot of the things I do online, my life has not slowed down what so ever!!

I have been adding some new things to my life recently so I doubt I will be slowing down any time soon!


I have been interested in this for years since I started making jewelry. I wanted to be able to make my own beads and things of that nature because the place I was buying from sold them in bulk in much lesser quality than I would have liked.

I took a class just to I guess wrap my head around it until I had the money for it and bought all of the equipment that I needed to get started a few months after and have been melting away ever since!

I also let my kids take a class to make beads themselves and they love it!


I am an artist at heart. I love to draw, paint, and pretty much do anything that has to do with being creative!


With all of the beads I have been making recently I pulled out most of my jewelry making stuff and will definitely be making some new stuff as time goes on! :)


I'm vegetarian!!! and I am trying to get my kids to follow suit!! I made a conscious effort to stop eating meat for several reasons. Mostly do to how the meat and food production industry is run. Those people are barbaric!!!!

Wannabe Vegan

Sometimes I eat vegan. Sometime I don't. What's the difference? No dairy(I love cheese!), no honey(yum!), no eggs(nom nom), no nothing that is produced from an animal. Period!

One day.... I am taking one step at a time!

Home Studio

I have been spending a lot of time setting up a work / jewelry / art studio at home. I have tons of equipment and tools that I have accumulated and am constantly gaining more. At the moment I do think I have more than enough and that I need to slow down on getting new stuff and start producing some things. In time....

New Computer Build

Since having no computer had set me back so far I saved up all my pennies and bought parts to put together my very own Hackintosh!! With help from TonyMac and a few YouTubers I was successful in building an awesome and powerful computer that I can do everything I need on! I just need a more comfortable chair!


My YouTube channel hasn't been updated since I chopped off all my hair last year. It will be a full year next month and I will definitely be doing an update. I filmed my Hackintosh build and will be posting that on my BeautyandtheBabies channel.

I really want to start doing daily vlogs, but my kids are nuts! They are interested in doing them so maybe the next generation will be better at keeping up than I was.... LOL

The Hair Diary

Right now I am working on an entire revamp of the app!!! I am starting everything over from the ground up!! I let my apple developer account lapse so THD is not available for iPhone at the moment. It will be available once again as soon as I am done with the app. :)

Bringing it all back together

I have been working to bring it all back together once again! The app especially is the most important thing to me with everything that I am doing online and I have some other things that I am working on for the future as well.

Again, one step at a time!!

Getting work done (or not)

I have gotten a lot of distractions out of my life and am much more sane because of it. My focus right now is getting as much work done as I can!! I really want my mobile apps to help as many people as possible!!

So whats going on in your life??? :)

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