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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Starting Seeds - Cilantro & Tomatoes

I really want to grow cilantro in our container garden. I have had so much trouble with growing this among a few others. They always die or just never sprout. I read up and learned that it is best practice for better germination to soak and split the seeds. I definitely didn't know about this before, but lets see how well it works!

Even though I have 5 tomato plants growing I do want a different variety of tomato in our container garden. I decided to plant some Black Krim tomatoes, which are a dark brown/burgundy/purple color.

After the camera went off I decided to go ahead and plant some Red Cherry tomatoes as well. We eat them a lot and I think it will be great to have them readily available for salads an cooking.

I do also want to plant some Sage and just might do that in the container that has the tired cucumber in it. I do think that may need to come out... Soon.

The next day I decided that I really wanted some peppers as well. The ones I put in the sprouting tray didn't do anything. I wanted to try again. This time I used styrofoam cups so they will have a better germination rate and will transplant easily once they get big enough.

I'm going to cross my fingers and hope I get some or all to sprout!!

That will make me super happy!

I'm totally obsessing over gardening right now and I love it! I even started a compost pile in my Geobin for next year. Sage will probably be planted later tonight...

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