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Monday, September 14, 2015

Container Garden Update - Cucumber Blight!! 9/13/15

So my cucumbers have...... Dun dun dunnnnn..... Blight!!

The leaves look disgusting!! Also my new cucumbers are growing very weird and curling all over the place. Interestingly enough the plant that has two in the pot has more cucumbers on it right now than the other two have had since I started growing them.

I chopped off a bunch of the bad leaves, as well as some good. I got rid of the weed that decided to jump in there. I do need to spray the plant with some baking soda water to stop the spread and make my cucumbers healthy again! I will probably rip out the one that had the nasty looking root that I also chopped the good leaves off of... I might plant more cucumbers. I might plant something else. I am not sure what just yet.

The tomatoes are developing flowers all over the place and I am super excited about it! I cant wait!!

The Basil is growing pretty well. I am just waiting for them to get taller so that I can harvest some of the leaves. I want to make some pesto!!

I put more seeds in the chives and lemongrass so that it will fill in a little more and I will have more to harvest at one time.

I have no Idea what is going on with the lettuce. It is definitely on the way out, so I will probably throw some more seeds in there and try to grow some more. I put it under a grow light since I think it wasn't getting enough sun in the spot that it was in. I'm really sad about that because I was really hoping to have a really nice salad garden going for us!

Aside from the lettuce being a total fail and the blighted cucumbers, everything else looks really great!

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