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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Container Garden Update 9/19/15 - Cucumber Demise

So the cucumbers are completely dead...
I ripped them out and gave the waste to the worms.

I thinned out the Basil really well. It needed to be thinned long time ago. Hopefully they will give me more growth.

I have a bunch of tomatoes growing which I am super excited about!

The lettuce is definitely on its way out. Not doing much of anything except dying... LoL

The red okra is hanging on... Leaves keep dropping... I pulled the other one because I am not sure if 2 in a pot will do very well, but we will see.

Everything else is doing pretty well. I added more soil to some of the pots to give the plants more stability. I need to add soil to the tomatoes but have not because of the basil in the pot. It is pretty low so I will have to pull those up to add the soil and then place them back.

I have sprouts popping up everywhere from the pots I added seeds to last week!!

And finally.. I added Sage and Everbearing Cucumbers to the pots I removed the dead cucumbers from. Interested in seeing how these cucumbers grow! The last did very well in putting out its first batch but the ones that came after were very lacking.

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