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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Worm Bin & Container Garden Update.Aug 22-23

Just a little update on my container garden. Everything is growing very well and we should be able to harvest cucumbers very soon!! I'm super excited... Now if only my tomato plants would flower and produce fruit. That would be awesome!

I had a little problem with my worm bin recently. I added a little too much water to the bedding as well as a melon which went bad and contained fruit fly eggs.

A few days later the bin smelled like complete and utter crap and there were fruit flies EVERYWHERE!!

The bad smell comes from anaerobic bacteria which live in environments with no air. The worms did not like this one bit. They need air to breathe and so do the good bacteria that we want in the bin. The worms were all gathered in the handle groves in the top of the bin to get away from these unwanted conditions.

To counteract this I knew I had to soak up the water and air out the bin very well. I took all of the shredded paper I had left and mixed it all into the bin making sure to use it to soak up any excess moisture that I saw.

I came back every few days to check moisture levels and added more paper here and there where needed.

The smell finally went away and all was well. The worms went back down into the bedding instead of hiding on the tops of the container and there is no smell to speak of right now. I checked the bin this morning and I could hear them slithering away!

I ordered 1,000 more worms because I don't think the 250 that I started off with was enough. Even though they are reproducing and I may or may not have more than what I started, I do want more so that I can process more food waste than I am currently.

My first Borlotti bean died because I had it in the sun one day. I planted a new one and this one shot up really fast! I will be keeping this one in the house away from a lot of heat. It is a bush variety and I am getting a little nervous since it grew so tall.

The rest of my plants are doing very well. I will definitely need to repot my tomatoes very soon. They are not getting much taller which truthfully I am not mad about. In am just waiting for them to flower. My cucumbers are doing awesome!! The cucumbers are growing really well and really fast!

Im looking forward to having an abundant container garden! Maybey next year it will turn into an actual garden!

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