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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend Gardening Shenanigans August 7-9

Over the weekend I got some new pots and things and really wanted to plant some new stuffies!! Being that I am keeping all of my plants in containers it is not a huge deal that I am planting things so late in the season.

I first started off with some of the things I already had started, repotting and transplanting some things, making sure everyone was good. My okra and the borlotti bean are growing very well and I am super excited about it!

My tomatoes and cucumbers are all doing very well aside from the unfortunate nature of someone pissing all over my plants!! Who or what is doing this!! Disgusting!!

Aside from bringing the plants inside I dont even know what to do about this... Nasty....

I need to drill holes in the sides of these new pots since they have a shelf that allows there to be a reservoir at the bottom, there is just no drainage.

I got my hands dirty when I mixes up some new soil. My soil mix has been a little different every time, but this time I do think I am happy with the ratios. I used garden soil from miracle grow which I dont normally bother with. I prefer to use organic. I added coco coir which comes in a 11lb brick that you have to break down with water. Finally I added pearlite. I used far less pearlite in this mix than in previous mixes and I do like the consistency much better. My plants seem to like it as well!!

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