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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Videos - Worm Bin! New Seedlings!! & the Tomatoes & Cucumbers!!!

The Worm Bin

This is actually pretty interesting albeit pretty gross. The worms seem very happy so far and you can hear them slithering when you open the lid. Its so weird!! I have had them for about a week now and am just waiting for them to finish breaking down the paper. They seem to be doing a pretty good job of it so far!

I got my package with my 67 different types of seeds!! I am super excited about starting many of these seeds!! Most of them are so unique and interesting!!

I started seeds for 12 out of the 67 in a large empty egg carton and am waiting for them to sprout!

They have been in there for a few days and so far my bean is doing really well and my brussel sprouts are sprouting as well!!

I am super excited about all of them growing into strong healthy plants that will feed me and my babies!!

Here are my cucumbers and tomatoes in the original pots my kids put them in. They are doing pretty great, but will need to be transplanted due to the small size of the pots.

Here they are a few days after being transplanted. The cucumbers are in complete shock but do seem to be coming back slowly. As long as they get their sun and water they seem to be doing well. I added a bit of sugar water to them since I heard that could help a little with the transplant shock.

The tomatoes however are doing just fine and even with the transplant they are thriving! I am very happy with all of this and cant wait for my tomatoes especially to start producing. I am currently debating on if I want to start any other tomato plants given the fact that I have 5 here.... I think that just might be too much.. But then again... Is it possible to have too many tomatoes?? That is the question.... 

I am definitely going to keep up with all of this on my BeautyandtheBabies channel! Doing this has definitely gotten me excited about growing things again! When I get home I am gong to go ahead and restart my basil that I killed. Along, with my arugula and spinach since I failed them all miserably...

They do not do well in full sun with all the heat and have since slowly died... That along with my kids drowning them out by watering too much. haha

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