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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Reworking the System to keep them Motivated - Points System

Since coming home everyday for the past week to a mess and the only one actually doing their job has been Cameron, I decided that we need to change how everything is being worked.

I started by changing the code to the cell phone and iPod, and removing ALL SNACKS from the house! They are all currently in the trunk of my car.

I went ahead and made up new score sheets so that I can personally keep track of the work that they all have done. Throughout the day they will be keeping track of their chores on their "What I did Today" sheets. At the end of the day I will now be going through and checking their work and giving them points based on if they finish their jobs and how well they finish their jobs.

At the end of the week they will again be able to cash in their points.

Also, at the end of the month I will be giving a prize to the one who has the most points! I think a surprise like this will help motivate them even more!

Maybe a trip to see a movie... Or a toy or new Lego set... A game??


I will also implement the use of point jars which will contain all their candy and snacks, coupons that they can save and use towards something they want, small toys, art supplies, and things like that here and there.

The jars will be separated by worth. 5pts, 10pts, 25pts, ect...

I think that by doing it this way it will be so much more beneficial to them all. Prior I let them choose what they wanted with their points. The fact that they will see the worth of their work whereas before there was no clear earnings and winnings.. Just numbers. I do think that they will be more motivated to get things done and I will not have to try so hard to get them to do the things they are supposed to.

Lets see how this goes...

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