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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Acrylic Nails! Recent Sets - Pic Heavy

Obsessing over acrylic nails and trying new things each time I do a new set!

I have been trying not to do them very often since they can cause damage to the natural nail from frequently taking them off and on.

What I have started doing is just clipping off the tips and leaving the nail beds and doing a different design this way. This has definitely made a difference in how I approach taking care of my nails and how I do my acrylics. Doing them this way I can actually change out my nails every week with no damage to my natural nails!!

Before I started doing this I was being very careful with my nails, nail beds, and cuticles, but from watching a particular youtube channel I tried a small round drill bit to clean up around the cuticle. I ended up drilling away so much from my nail plate without even realizing it!!!

So since then I have been keeping the entire nail covered with the acrylic and when it comes time to do a fill I simply push back the cuticles and lightly file away the shine before adding the primer and acrylic.

Funny is, I was doing it this way before and all was well. Sometimes it can hurt to try something new the way someone else does it, so I wont be anymore. At least not with techniques on my natural nails.

There are many channels that are really good, and then there are some that have great designs but their technique is very unhealthy.

A huge pet peeve that I have is when the cuticles look really nasty and I keep mine as healthy as possible! As you can see in my pics below.

I am still practicing but here are the nails that I have been wearing over the past few months!

This is my most recent set. I did these this past Sunday 8/2/2015
These are actually done with a layer of polymer clay encapsulated in acrylic. They just might be my favorites so far!!

Tips of the last set cut off in order to do these. I used forms and clear acrylic for the tips after filling in with my nail bed color.

This set I wore for maybe a week or 2.
This is done with one of the glitter mixes that I made. I just love the sparkle and bling!

I cut the tips off of the set below to do these. Still practicing...

This is my own mix and the color that I will be using as my nail bed for now. I wore this set for almost a month!! I just loved the color so much!! I added the little bow as an accent and wanted to do some sculpted flowers but I dont have brushes small enough...

The above I did after doing a 2 week fill on the below. I refined the shape and took down the length a lot. I really love this color!

These sets are all sculpted except for the last pink one. Those are an overlay on top of my natural nails. I do still need to work on my overall shape. The thickness of the nails I am doing much better with getting them down to where they are not super thick. That has been a challenge.

I did order better forms since the ones I had turned out to be knockoffs and shaped really weird. I have been having a hard time getting them to fit and shape right.

Aside from getting the shape right and the thickness the only other issue I have had has been the product ratio. For someone new to a particular product I still kinda have issues with how wet or dry it should be. 

Using the NSI Spa, everything has to be kept very dry and since going back to regular acrylic, it is a little hard to remember not to wipe my brush so much.

But I do think I have it now!!

With practice I will get better and better.

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