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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Acrylic Nails - New Set! Paua Shell and Glitter

I recently did this set and I love it!! I used Paua Shell and blue, aqua, and silver glitter. I absolutely love the iridescence of the Paua Shell! It is so pretty and unique,

I encapsulated the shell pieces in clear acrylic and then surrounded by the different glitters. I then capped the entire thing in clear acrylic.

I think my technique was the best yet on this set! I got the shape pretty good and didn't have to go crazy filing.

I definitely need to practice more on my fake hand and try out new things. I want to try the aquarium nail (Once I get some clear tips), since it is so popular right now.

My next set. I am definitely going to do some red bottoms and some sculpted flowers!! I have pigments coming in the mail and I am super exited!!

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