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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Acrylic Nails - New Set! Paua Shell and Glitter

I recently did this set and I love it!! I used Paua Shell and blue, aqua, and silver glitter. I absolutely love the iridescence of the Paua Shell! It is so pretty and unique,

I encapsulated the shell pieces in clear acrylic and then surrounded by the different glitters. I then capped the entire thing in clear acrylic.

I think my technique was the best yet on this set! I got the shape pretty good and didn't have to go crazy filing.

I definitely need to practice more on my fake hand and try out new things. I want to try the aquarium nail (Once I get some clear tips), since it is so popular right now.

My next set. I am definitely going to do some red bottoms and some sculpted flowers!! I have pigments coming in the mail and I am super exited!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Worm Bin & Container Garden Update.Aug 22-23

Just a little update on my container garden. Everything is growing very well and we should be able to harvest cucumbers very soon!! I'm super excited... Now if only my tomato plants would flower and produce fruit. That would be awesome!

I had a little problem with my worm bin recently. I added a little too much water to the bedding as well as a melon which went bad and contained fruit fly eggs.

A few days later the bin smelled like complete and utter crap and there were fruit flies EVERYWHERE!!

The bad smell comes from anaerobic bacteria which live in environments with no air. The worms did not like this one bit. They need air to breathe and so do the good bacteria that we want in the bin. The worms were all gathered in the handle groves in the top of the bin to get away from these unwanted conditions.

To counteract this I knew I had to soak up the water and air out the bin very well. I took all of the shredded paper I had left and mixed it all into the bin making sure to use it to soak up any excess moisture that I saw.

I came back every few days to check moisture levels and added more paper here and there where needed.

The smell finally went away and all was well. The worms went back down into the bedding instead of hiding on the tops of the container and there is no smell to speak of right now. I checked the bin this morning and I could hear them slithering away!

I ordered 1,000 more worms because I don't think the 250 that I started off with was enough. Even though they are reproducing and I may or may not have more than what I started, I do want more so that I can process more food waste than I am currently.

My first Borlotti bean died because I had it in the sun one day. I planted a new one and this one shot up really fast! I will be keeping this one in the house away from a lot of heat. It is a bush variety and I am getting a little nervous since it grew so tall.

The rest of my plants are doing very well. I will definitely need to repot my tomatoes very soon. They are not getting much taller which truthfully I am not mad about. In am just waiting for them to flower. My cucumbers are doing awesome!! The cucumbers are growing really well and really fast!

Im looking forward to having an abundant container garden! Maybey next year it will turn into an actual garden!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend Gardening Shenanigans August 7-9

Over the weekend I got some new pots and things and really wanted to plant some new stuffies!! Being that I am keeping all of my plants in containers it is not a huge deal that I am planting things so late in the season.

I first started off with some of the things I already had started, repotting and transplanting some things, making sure everyone was good. My okra and the borlotti bean are growing very well and I am super excited about it!

My tomatoes and cucumbers are all doing very well aside from the unfortunate nature of someone pissing all over my plants!! Who or what is doing this!! Disgusting!!

Aside from bringing the plants inside I dont even know what to do about this... Nasty....

I need to drill holes in the sides of these new pots since they have a shelf that allows there to be a reservoir at the bottom, there is just no drainage.

I got my hands dirty when I mixes up some new soil. My soil mix has been a little different every time, but this time I do think I am happy with the ratios. I used garden soil from miracle grow which I dont normally bother with. I prefer to use organic. I added coco coir which comes in a 11lb brick that you have to break down with water. Finally I added pearlite. I used far less pearlite in this mix than in previous mixes and I do like the consistency much better. My plants seem to like it as well!!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Reworking the System to keep them Motivated - Points System

Since coming home everyday for the past week to a mess and the only one actually doing their job has been Cameron, I decided that we need to change how everything is being worked.

I started by changing the code to the cell phone and iPod, and removing ALL SNACKS from the house! They are all currently in the trunk of my car.

I went ahead and made up new score sheets so that I can personally keep track of the work that they all have done. Throughout the day they will be keeping track of their chores on their "What I did Today" sheets. At the end of the day I will now be going through and checking their work and giving them points based on if they finish their jobs and how well they finish their jobs.

At the end of the week they will again be able to cash in their points.

Also, at the end of the month I will be giving a prize to the one who has the most points! I think a surprise like this will help motivate them even more!

Maybe a trip to see a movie... Or a toy or new Lego set... A game??


I will also implement the use of point jars which will contain all their candy and snacks, coupons that they can save and use towards something they want, small toys, art supplies, and things like that here and there.

The jars will be separated by worth. 5pts, 10pts, 25pts, ect...

I think that by doing it this way it will be so much more beneficial to them all. Prior I let them choose what they wanted with their points. The fact that they will see the worth of their work whereas before there was no clear earnings and winnings.. Just numbers. I do think that they will be more motivated to get things done and I will not have to try so hard to get them to do the things they are supposed to.

Lets see how this goes...

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Acrylic Nails! Recent Sets - Pic Heavy

Obsessing over acrylic nails and trying new things each time I do a new set!

I have been trying not to do them very often since they can cause damage to the natural nail from frequently taking them off and on.

What I have started doing is just clipping off the tips and leaving the nail beds and doing a different design this way. This has definitely made a difference in how I approach taking care of my nails and how I do my acrylics. Doing them this way I can actually change out my nails every week with no damage to my natural nails!!

Before I started doing this I was being very careful with my nails, nail beds, and cuticles, but from watching a particular youtube channel I tried a small round drill bit to clean up around the cuticle. I ended up drilling away so much from my nail plate without even realizing it!!!

So since then I have been keeping the entire nail covered with the acrylic and when it comes time to do a fill I simply push back the cuticles and lightly file away the shine before adding the primer and acrylic.

Funny is, I was doing it this way before and all was well. Sometimes it can hurt to try something new the way someone else does it, so I wont be anymore. At least not with techniques on my natural nails.

There are many channels that are really good, and then there are some that have great designs but their technique is very unhealthy.

A huge pet peeve that I have is when the cuticles look really nasty and I keep mine as healthy as possible! As you can see in my pics below.

I am still practicing but here are the nails that I have been wearing over the past few months!

This is my most recent set. I did these this past Sunday 8/2/2015
These are actually done with a layer of polymer clay encapsulated in acrylic. They just might be my favorites so far!!

Tips of the last set cut off in order to do these. I used forms and clear acrylic for the tips after filling in with my nail bed color.

This set I wore for maybe a week or 2.
This is done with one of the glitter mixes that I made. I just love the sparkle and bling!

I cut the tips off of the set below to do these. Still practicing...

This is my own mix and the color that I will be using as my nail bed for now. I wore this set for almost a month!! I just loved the color so much!! I added the little bow as an accent and wanted to do some sculpted flowers but I dont have brushes small enough...

The above I did after doing a 2 week fill on the below. I refined the shape and took down the length a lot. I really love this color!

These sets are all sculpted except for the last pink one. Those are an overlay on top of my natural nails. I do still need to work on my overall shape. The thickness of the nails I am doing much better with getting them down to where they are not super thick. That has been a challenge.

I did order better forms since the ones I had turned out to be knockoffs and shaped really weird. I have been having a hard time getting them to fit and shape right.

Aside from getting the shape right and the thickness the only other issue I have had has been the product ratio. For someone new to a particular product I still kinda have issues with how wet or dry it should be. 

Using the NSI Spa, everything has to be kept very dry and since going back to regular acrylic, it is a little hard to remember not to wipe my brush so much.

But I do think I have it now!!

With practice I will get better and better.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Videos - Worm Bin! New Seedlings!! & the Tomatoes & Cucumbers!!!

The Worm Bin

This is actually pretty interesting albeit pretty gross. The worms seem very happy so far and you can hear them slithering when you open the lid. Its so weird!! I have had them for about a week now and am just waiting for them to finish breaking down the paper. They seem to be doing a pretty good job of it so far!

I got my package with my 67 different types of seeds!! I am super excited about starting many of these seeds!! Most of them are so unique and interesting!!

I started seeds for 12 out of the 67 in a large empty egg carton and am waiting for them to sprout!

They have been in there for a few days and so far my bean is doing really well and my brussel sprouts are sprouting as well!!

I am super excited about all of them growing into strong healthy plants that will feed me and my babies!!

Here are my cucumbers and tomatoes in the original pots my kids put them in. They are doing pretty great, but will need to be transplanted due to the small size of the pots.

Here they are a few days after being transplanted. The cucumbers are in complete shock but do seem to be coming back slowly. As long as they get their sun and water they seem to be doing well. I added a bit of sugar water to them since I heard that could help a little with the transplant shock.

The tomatoes however are doing just fine and even with the transplant they are thriving! I am very happy with all of this and cant wait for my tomatoes especially to start producing. I am currently debating on if I want to start any other tomato plants given the fact that I have 5 here.... I think that just might be too much.. But then again... Is it possible to have too many tomatoes?? That is the question.... 

I am definitely going to keep up with all of this on my BeautyandtheBabies channel! Doing this has definitely gotten me excited about growing things again! When I get home I am gong to go ahead and restart my basil that I killed. Along, with my arugula and spinach since I failed them all miserably...

They do not do well in full sun with all the heat and have since slowly died... That along with my kids drowning them out by watering too much. haha

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