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Friday, July 31, 2015

Starting Seeds, New Seeds, and Worms

Due to the heat and extreme amount of sun we have been getting recently and the fact that I really have not taken the plants into the house for quite some time, along with the unfortunate water logging incident, most of my plants have died.

All that is left are the 2 that actually like the sun and heat! The tomatoes and cucumbers!

They are doing very nicely albeit in pots too small for them... I will soon transplant them into larger containers and they should do great!

I started some more seeds that I know will take a long time to germinate. I am curious to see if they will or not. To do this I cut up some water bottles and filed with some potting mix that I made. Added a little water and a few seeds to each.

The Slow germinating plants I did were:

  • Lavender 14-28 days
  • Rosemary 14-21 days
  • Tarragon 10-14 days
  • Cilantro 14-21 days
  • Thyme 14-28 days
  • Chives 7-14 days
  • Green onion 7-14 days
  • Spinach 7-14 days
I only did one of each and will thin down once they begin to grow out since I dont want a huge crop. I have made that mistake before. Growing way more than needed and the plants not typically doing as well as they can because of it. That in addition to not having enough space for everything.

The only thing that has come up so far has been one little tarragon plant... 

In addition to the slow germinating plants, I also restarted my basil and arugula. These are 2 things that I really don't want to live without.

I also made a huge order of seeds!! I got some of everything so that I can have a variety of things to plant and grow throughout the year. I am pretty excited about it since they are all heirlooms and many of them are very unique varieties. I gravitated towards anything purple!!

Aside from the seeds and the seed starting... I also ordered and received... WORMS!!!

Yes I went and bought worms... Why, you ask?

I bought worms because I am going to use them to create compost to be used in the garden to keep the plants healthy and happy!

Basically you simply put the worms in a bin with cardboard, paper, and leftovers(no meat, dairy, or lemons) and the worms break everything down and their leftovers just happen to be the best type of compost available.

Also, composting with worms is much faster then a regular compost pile. I only bought 250 worms this time and am now thinking I will definitely need more with the amount of food these kids waste.

For now I drilled a ton of holes in the top of a small bin and cut holes into an aluminum baking dish which will sit inside of the bin. I them lined it with some paper and added some water along with the worms, just to revive them and let them settle after being shipped. I blended some romaine lettuce that ended up going bad and added that to the bin as well for the worms to eat.

I might go ahead and get a bigger bin later on so that they can have more room and multiply! (or just separate into multiple bins) The more the better! I want to get a shallow plastic bin to use instead of the aluminum bin, but that depends on what I can find in the stores... Or I could just chop up the bin that I have the way others have done to create a proper flow through worm bin. I actually probably should do that.... LoL

I am going to keep them in the bin under the kitchen sink so that way whenever someone has leftovers they can just go ahead and toss it into the bin. Lets see how that works since these kids dont always follow directions properly. LoL

This should be interesting.

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