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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Re-potting the Seedlings & the Flowers!!

So in the last gardening post I stated how the planter that I was using had flooded out. It was definitely time to replant everything. I went ahead and did the seedlings of the plants that had already presented themselves in that particular pot.

Those that sprouted were mostly just the Basil, Arugula, Cilantro and Spinach. There were a few green onion I did see but they were lost in digging up all the Basil...

As I was poking around in the bin and found what I am hoping are Sage roots ready and waiting to sprout! Time will tell with that though.

I will probably replant seeds for those that didn't and probably will not come up due to being drowned out.

I put them all into pots and separated them for the most part so that they would grow a little better and not be so crowded out.

I don't want too many of them to die... Restarting my garden has proven to be a little difficult. There are just so many things that I need to learn and relearn!

I put the majority of the Summer long Basil in one pot and the rest of that along with the Lime Basil in another. 


The Cilantro got its own pot. 


The Spinach and Arugula I put in the same pot spaced about an inch or two apart in rows. Its been a few days since I re-potted and the spinach seems to be doing OK so far and some of the arugula and basil are slowly died off.

Spinach                                               Arugula

The babies did help with the re-potting. I mixed up some new soil. I used perlite and organic potting soil in my mix this time and we definitely got our hands dirty. I forgot to add in the fertilizer this time but they plants will all be transplanted again pretty soon.. I did sprinkle some on the top and dissolved some to water them with.


The cucumbers are growing great!! I do think I will need to re-pot and separate them soon. I am seeing a tiny bit of powdery mildew growing on the tips of the leaves. When I set the pots outside The leaves of these in particular get chewed on like crazy! Me no likey this..


My tomatoes are coming up pretty good!! Slowly but surely. I have I believe about 5 Tomato plants here.

Each of the tomato and cucumber plants are going to have to be re-potted into their own pot since they grow to be so big I don't want them to crowd each other out... Or I could just re-pot them into one or two huge pots...

I am going to have to trellis them both and am very interested to see how much they both grow and how much they each will produce.

So far so good!! Lets see how well they all grow up!!

The rest of my flowers are so pretty!! I planted a lot more but many of them have yet to bloom along with my iris' dying... :( But I am pretty happy with the flowers that have presented themselves. The gladiolas were supposed to be purple... But they turned out this lovely pink!! So pretty!! My gladiolas are however dying flower by flower from the bottom up... Ughhh!!! I am going to attribute this to the soil in my front yard. I did not properly fertilize it and just kinda stuck them all into the ground... It could also be due to all the weeds I have as well and they are all competing for space and nutrients.

Live and learn. Next year I will add a goo layer of mulch and make sure I weed the garden and surrounding areas diligently. There are so many weeds!!!

The photo on the bottom right I am not quite sure which flower this is since I planted so many.. But I believe it is my Cosmos! There is a bud forming and I am just waiting in anguish for it to bloom!!!

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