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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Points System Crash & Burn!!

So as usual I left for work giving the children a few odd jobs to do for the day, since there wasn't much to do aside from the kitchen.

I came home from work to the house the same way that I left it!! They did not do a single thing!! I was so upset! I ended up just going upstairs and laying down reading up on clean eating and gardening, because that is my current thing.

My daughter wanted to make apple pie and since I promised her we would make it days ago and bought all the ingredients I said "OK, fine." I then went to sleep while she baked with the help of her brother and my sister.

When I woke up this morning I came downstairs to cereal all over the floor, the kitchen looking worse than the previous day and just crap everywhere!!

I decided I wasn't going to make them do anything while I was at work since they have decided that they don't have to listen to a text or video chat... When I get home tonight they will each be assigned a job one at a time until the whole house is spotless!!

While I am at work however, they are grounded and not allowed to come out of their rooms aside for eating. No TV, cell phone, nothing. Just books to read.

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