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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Acrylic Nail Obsession!!!!

I have been super obsessed with acrylic nails as of late. I have always had a thing for nail art and definitely prefer acrylic or gel over just regular polish. It never lasts more than 2 days on me regardless of the brand and the technique.

I have done my own acrylics off and on over the years and have recently started back wearing them. I am wearing them again because I got so tired of my natural nail breaking constantly and just not looking very good. I really like for my nails to look nice and started doing my pink and whites again.

I love pink and whites!!

This time I really want to perfect my technique and get much better at doing them!

I have gotten my prep down and with better products and application technique, I have greatly reduced the amount of lifting that I used to get.

I have been slowly building my nail collection back up and now have acrylic from 2 different lines. Both are great and I really do feel like the Omega especially works the best for me compared to anything else that I have actually tried.

I have the majority of essentials for doing acrylics. Many of which, I have purchased from eBay this past few weeks and from here all I will really need is the wants and nail art supplies.

I have ordered a dust fan which I think is highly important to have in your acrylic or gel nail kit. You want to keep the acrylic dust down to a minimum as much as possible since it can cause serious health problems. I actually wear a particulate mask when I file my nails regardless if I am hand filing or using a drill. Since I do have asthma, I try to reduce the effects that doing acrylics can cause as much as possible.

I ordered a few carbide bits which are much safer as far as dust since they cut the acrylic into chunks that are too big to breathe in. I am excited about trying them out! You must be careful when using carbide bits since they can cut the skin.

There is a bit of a learning curve and for me my biggest obstacle has been product ratio and consistency. I cant quite get the perfect pearl every time. But that also has to do with the fact that I have been trying out new brushes and things like that on a regular basis. With practice that will eventually come natural.

I have found eBay to be the easiest way to order nail art stuff. I ordered a practice hand as well which I am super excited about so I can get my technique down without destroying my nails, taking them off and redoing every week or few days or whatever...

I have been practicing on that as well as on Tammy Taylor's practice sheet. I have done a ton of pink and whites and also wanted to try to do the type of nails that I would never actually do on myself. I did an Edge nail which came out pretty interesting...

Acrylic nails can become a really bad habit because there is always something else that you want to buy. Its just as bad as my hair obsession if not worse at this point!!

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