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Friday, May 29, 2015

Nailite Haul - Omega Acrylic System

I have been using my NSI Spa nail system for the past few years and recently have been looking into getting something different.

Now I have ordered form Nailite in the past and loved their products... Except for the acrylic. I have previously owned the regular acrylic system from Nailite and I have to say, at the time the amount of lifting that I experienced with that line was unacceptable!!

I wanted to try something new but didn't know where to start and didn't want to invest too much money in a product line that doesn't work for me. So I simply did what I usually do... Google and YouTube!!

I researched and watched tons of videos on different product lines and what they are good for and how they are used and pricing for everything I would need.... All that jazz...

I wanted something that was great for problem lifters, as I am a problem lifter.

I ended up deciding on 3 different product lines, but I wanted to try them all one at a time. I didn't want to overwhelm myself with all these products like I typically do.

I wanted to try and test them each out for a good time period before trying out the next one.

I decided to start with Nailite Omega since I am very familiar with Nailite in general and after hearing such great things about this particular line for problem lifters.

After doing my 1st set with this system I have to say I LOVE IT!! So far...

First off, it is a HUGE difference from the NSI Spa system, being that it is regular acrylic and not odorless. Much easier to work with and with the new brushes that I got as well, it is a dream!

I have been able to sculpt my nails much, much easier and faster.

I printed out Tammy Taylor's Practice sheet and have been practicing my pink and whites, since I cant do them on myself everyday.... LoL

Tammy Taylor has great and really informative videos that I have watched over and over along with a few other vloggers.

My favorite YouTube Nail channel is Absolute Nails. I love her videos. She is so down to earth and the nails that she does are so unique and different! I think I just may have watched all of her videos... Just maybe...

Watching her videos and all the others out there make me want to do all kinds of crazy designs!! Now I definitely cant wear long nails, never mind stilettos! But, I do really want to play around with different colors, glitters, rhinestones, and all kinds of bling!

I am loving the pink and white that I have going on now and eventually the white will be all types of glitter crazy!

I do like being able to wear acrylic nails again and actually having nails. I find it funny that after wearing acrylic consistently before made my nails so weak and they never recovered. But now, when I soaked off my nails to apply this new set my nails felt much stronger! I am positive that they would have broken off fairly quickly regardless, but they still feel much better.

Most likely it is my technique that is different, since I have spent a lot of time working on how I am doing everything so that my nails stay healthy underneath.

Going to keep practicing to get them perfect!!!

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