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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hair Diary *37* - Going Through Changes & Battling Hairloss(again..)

* This post was written a few days before I did the Big Chop! Yea, so posting now! Tee Hee! *

It has been almost a year since the last time I have written a Hair Diary on the blog.
My hair has been going through some major changes over the past year. I have dealt with consistent hair loss for quite some time and now feel like I may be overcoming this.

I think the hair loss that I have been dealing with had something to do with where I was living at the time. I have moved a few months ago and the shedding, itchy scalp, dandruff, and burning sensation have subsided significantly.

I have been using Nizoral shampoo every now and then whenever I feel like my scalp is getting irritated and I use my sulfur and essential oil mix a few days out of the week as well. Mostly when I remember.

My issues with my scalp have subsided greatly, however the damage has already been done!! The constant shedding that I was experiencing has cause my hair to thin out so much!! Every time I look at my hair I want to cut it all off and start from scratch.

In the past dealing with thin hair I have always done some type of Big Chop to solve the problem. I have become accustom to cutting off tons of hair on a regular basis! At this time I have length, but I also have thinness and unevenness since new hair is growing in! I want to keep the length but I really want to get my hair back to being even all over.

Dealing with uneven hair is very difficult since breakage and single strand knots are so much more common.

To combat this I have been doing some serious deep conditioning treatments and I will be cutting an inch or so off every month until it grows back out. I have been doing this over and over for the past almost 10 years!

This time I am hoping is the last time!!

I am staying away from all of those things that I know for a fact causes significant hair loss for me and doing all of the things that I know works to increase my growth and retention.

My hairstyles of choice for dealing with thinning hair:
  • Two Strand Twists - Flat and Singles
  • Baggy Ponytail - Only when the hair has enough length and not overly uneven. Can cause breakage otherwise.
  • Box Braids
  • Faux Locs
I typically wear long term protective styles when dealing with any type of hair loss. I will do the ponytail baggy when I want to be able to cowash my hair on a regular basis. I tend to redo the baggy every 1-2 days by cowashing, reapplying all products I am using and redoing the baggy.

I like to wear my ponytail baggy with a drawstring ponytail or with marley braiding hair wrapped around to make a bun.

With the other styles I have had the philosophy in the past that I was not going to condition my hair while wearing these styles to avoid slipping and buildup, however I have since revised that!

I now deep condition and cowash weekly when wearing these styles. This way I am still keeping my hair strong and moisturized with proper conditioning!

I stopped taking my vitamins back in September last year in order to shock my system once I started back up. I just started taking them again the past few weeks and am now seeing a big difference compared to before.

Shaving my head has been something that has been on my mind for quite some time now and I think that this just may be the year that I actually do it!!

By doing so I am hoping to completely get rid of that itch to chop that I get every year or so. Plus I will be able to show off my tattoo much better. :D

My Hair Diary posts have been far and few in between due to the fact that I have been putting everything into The Hair Diary app as opposed to the blog. :)

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