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Friday, February 20, 2015

Way too long!! Updates, Android & iOS apps!!

I haven't blogged in so long I don't even know where to begin!!!

It has been since last May since my last blog post and I have been meaning to come and post updates so many times but things always get in the way! That or I just cant seem to find the words to get everything that I want to  say out properly.

First things first...

Although this is pretty apparent if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram but.....


I spent last summer teaching myself Java and Android and put out my first app in September!!

The Hair Diary

I originally put it out for Free to get a feel for how things worked and to make sure that I didnt have too many errors. I really wanted the app to be great and function as best as possible.

I have just recently put the app out on Google Play as an upgrade version!

The upgrade version has more premium features and more to be added in the future!

You can download it here--> The Hair Diary Premium

I wanted to build something that anyone could use. Something that would be useful and a great help to anyone who is or has been on a Journey to Healthier Hair!!

I thought building this app was the perfect way to do so!!

I have it out for only ANDROID at this current time.

I am working on and have been working on the iPhone version for the past few months and am hoping to have it out very soon!! Keep an eye out for it!!

Other updates

My life has been as hectic as it has always been...
The hair is great although I am still not where I would like to be length wise. My ends have been breaking off like crazy but since I have been keeping up with everything that I do to my hair with The Hair Diary app my hair is doing so much better!!

I spent a long time using this blog to document everything that I did to my hair with all of my Hair Diary posts I wanted to put something out there for anyone else who might have found that type of thing helpful.

I am very happy with it all so far and I have a long way to go before everything with the app and the website is set up the way I would like for it to be.

Thats all for now!!

If you have an Android phone or tablet please don't hesitate to download the app!!

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