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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jordin Sparks BBMAs 2014 Inspired Hair & Makeup

This is a quick and easy natural protective style based on Jordin Spark's look from the BBMAs 2014.

Products Used

La Femme Naturalle
MAC Embark
Mac Saddle
MAC Nylon
Urban Decay Perversion
Stila Liquid liner
Loreal Butterfly mascara

NYX Mauve lip pencil
MAC Creme de' Nude

MUFE HD Foundation
La Femme Peach
MAC Sofet & Gentle

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Subtle Cut Crease - Video

Products Used
MAC Nanogold
MAC Embark
MAC Blackberry
MAC This & That
MAC Nylon
La Femme Naturelle
Stila Liquid liner
Loreal Butterfly mascara

MAC Ravishing
MAC Head in the Clouds
MAC Peach Blossom

MUFE HD Foudation
Nars Orgasm
La Femme Dusty Rose

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Quick and Easy Flower Bun - Protective Style - Video

This style is very quick and easy! I love styles like this, that can be worn for a few days. I don't have to worry about my ends or any real stress on my hair. Next time I will be detangling and ponytailing it while still in the shower because my hair does not like it any other way!


  • Start off with detangled and conditioned hair. 
  • Section off bang area. 
  • Put the rest of hair into a ponytail. 
  • Twist bang area keeping the twist close to the part. 
  • Twist ponytail into several individual twists. 
  • Tuck ends of each twist under and pin to hold in place. 
  • Apply gel and or scarf to keep hair smooth.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Initial Review - Four Seasons Beauty - Aliexpress Hair

These are just my initial thoughts on this hair. I will be continuing to give updates on this hair as I wear it over the next few weeks and hopefully months.

This hair is "Natural Curl Brazilian"

I purchased:
10" lace Closure
3 - 14" Bundles

I will be bleaching the knots on the closure, sealing the wefts, and sewing all the wefts and closure on to a dome cap to make a wig.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Golden Truffle, Purple Lips ft Too Faced Chocolate bar palette - Video

Products Used

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
MAC This & That
Stila liquid liner
Benefit They're Real mascara

OCC Rollergirl lip tar
OCC Queen lip tar

MUFE HD foundation
Nars Orgasm

Getting Rid of Split Ends - Video

In this video I chopped off a few inches all over. The back I cut maybe 1-2". In the front I cut closer to 3-6" The front was so uneven and my roots have finally grown in enough to where I can cut my hair down and it is pretty much fully from roots to ends.

My biggest pet peeve with natural hair is thin ends. Thin ends for me only lead to thinner ends and single strand knots. They definitely had to go.

I gave myself lots of layers here and I have to say I am extremely happy with this cut.

Now I shouldn't have anymore issues with split ends for a long time! Awesome!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hair Diary *36* - The Struggle, Protein/Moisture Balance

I roller set my hair a second time a few days ago. Unfortunately I was a little impatient letting it dry, so when I took it out my ends were a little frizzy. Which was fine for me.

I wore it out for 2 days and it just got frizzier and frizzier! I ended up putting it into a ponytail. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it so I decided to just go ahead and wash it on day 3, which was Monday.

The last time I washed my hair I noticed that I was getting a lot of breakage. I realized 2 things:

  1. I was combing and brushing my hair much rougher than I should be. I need to re-learn to treat my hair like fine silk. Do not pull and rip through the hair at all. Always separate into smaller sections when hitting tangles, and finger detangle first.
  2. My protein, moisture balance was not there just yet. After being in a long term protective style, for me, I have to build my protein and moisture back up.
I had been conditioning and deep conditioning, but I haven't done a hardcore protein treatment like I usually do once I take down my hair.

Sunday, I pre-treated my hair with suave and apogee reconstructor. A few hours later I rinsed that out and towel dried, then I applied my Aphogee 2 step and blow dried a little. 

Finally I sat under the Pibbs for a while to make sure that the middle was dry as well.


Next step I did a clear rinse. I applied Adore #10 Crystal Clear to towel dried hair, put on a plastic cap and sat under the pibbs for about a half hour so the rinse could penetrate.

Then I decided to go ahead and apply my Lekair conditioner on top of the rinse instead of rinsing it out first. I massaged it in really well and let it sit overnight.

The next day I rinsed everything out, applied some Suave Humectant conditioner and detangled section by section. Rinsed out again and applied more conditioner as a leave in and towel dried.

My curls are really nice and defined compared to how they were before I did this treatment! I love it!

So now I am going to stick to cowashing every 1-2 days and deep conditioning every 3-4 days in order to build my moisture back up. I have the protein there now I just need to work on the moisture.

Oh the things we do to make it to the land of no breakage and long hair...

Rollerseting my Natural Hair - Prep for a Chop - Video

After taking down my twists I knew it was time to do a really good cut.

I did a mohawk roller set to stretch my hair out enough so that I could cut it evenly.

I love doing roller sets, even though I have not done them on my natural hair in a few years. I think I will be incorporating regular roller sets into my regimen again, once a month, from now on.

My hair turned out great and I am looking forward to doing them more in the future.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Removing Buildup to Prevent Matting and Tangling with Long-Term Protective Styles

Here is a quick video showing how I remove the buildup from my hair after taking down a long term hairstyle, such as box braids, kinky twists, and senegalese twists.

For braids that have too much buildup I pull the strands one by one while the hair is saturated in conditioner. For the rest I go through in sections with my penman as demonstrated above.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Takedown - Senegalese Twists

Taking down your hair properly and removing any buildup and shed hair will prevent excess breakage and matting after wearing one style for any extended period of time. This is just the beginning of what I do, the rest will be posted soon!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Hair Diary *35* - Chopped off a few inches!

A few days ago I took out my twists that I had in for a good 2 months. I kind of felt like I had them in for too long. My hair was starting to get really frizzy towards the ends which made the twists look not so great.

I experienced minimal shedding after taking them out, which was great! But seeing my ends made me sad, as it was a reminder that I needed to give myself a major haircut. Which I don't know why it initially made me sad because I have been looking forward to chopping a few inches off for the past few weeks! lol

After taking it all down and detangling I washed and deep conditioned overnight with suave, leakers and motions cpr. Totally old school conditioner combo lol but it works for me. Plus I have yet to sit down and formulate my own conditioner. Maybe sometime soon.

The next day I went ahead and rinsed out my conditioner and I began rolling my hair. Mind you, I have not given myself a roller set in years... I actually don't really remember the last time I did a roller set on myself. I have done them for other people though.

I recorded it and trying to watch my monitor and mirror was a little hectic and I had rollers all over the place. I used castor oil and shea butter to roll my hair because I wanted it to be super... I guess oily? Whatever, I had water in it as well so that helped to shea and castor to seem not so greasy when I was done.

A lot of my parts were too big and I had hair coming off the edge of some rollers. My roots were not as taught as I would have liked them to be, but it was fine.

All I needed was for it to be straight enough for me to give myself a proper haircut.

I let it air dry for a few hours and sat under my Pibbs Kwikdry for a while here and there as well.

Finally I was ready to take out the rollers!!

I began to take out my clips and my hair came out so smooth the rollers just fell right out! I didn't have to do a thing!

My hair came out amazing! aside from the roots.. Thats another story...

I decided that it was a little too curly so I wrapped it and did a silk wrap. Had a really hard time wrapping my hair apparently, which was weird...

Sat under the dryer with the saran wrap for a good 10 mins and came out undid my wrap and shook it all out and it looked fab!

I then began to chop... I chopped and chopped...

I saw that so much hair just needed to be cut off. From the split ends, to the thin ends. to the single strands pretending to be ends. In my eyes at that time it ALL needed to go!!

When I go the the front, that part that needed to be cut the most I got a little scissor happy and I chopped off so much hair!!

My front is now the shortest part of my head. It matches up with the middle now and it feels so good!!

It was like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders cutting it all off! I couldn't help but to smile and be happy.

I do have a few parts that are a little uneven but that is fine because it is minimal.

I was afraid to cut it before and was doing slight trims here and there because I didn't want to let go of the length that I had.

I had to realize that even though I had whatever length I had my ends looked like pure crap and they needed to go!

Split ends cause more split ends as well as tangles and single strand knots. Which is probably the main reason why I have not gain any significant length over the past few months or so...

Right now I am very excited about my hair cut and my hair is thanking me for it tremendously!!

I am going to be wearing my natural hair out for the next few weeks because I haven't seen my hair in months!! let alone taken care of it by itself for any significant period of time for the past few years...

I miss my hair!!

Got her back and now I don't want to let her go!

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