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Monday, February 24, 2014

Hair Diary *32* - Feb 2014 Update - Video

Quick update on what I have done to my hair over the past few weeks. :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

❤️❤️❤️ Date Night Makeup! ❤️❤️❤️ - Video

This video I recorded last week, wasn't able to upload it because the charger for my laptop died...

I used a green screen for the first time and I absolutely love it!!

Green screen for life!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hair Diary *31*- Searching for Inspiration!

Its been quite a while since I have done a Hair Diary. I checked out my old fotki page as inspiration for myself to see where I was before and how I got there.

I was looking for ideas for protective styles aside from the weaves that I have been wearing. Looking at my old pictures I am pretty much close to where I was back at the end of 2007.

I have not taken any pictures to really see what my hair looks like. All I know is that I am not happy with it. I have not been happy with my hair for quite some time.

I am happy that my hair is not shedding anymore and am crossing my fingers that I will not have to deal with that again at least not any time soon.

I want my hair to get back to how it was in 2008. That was my hairs peak! It was beautiful!! Long, thick, and luscious!!

Going to go back to the styles I wore and methods I used to get there at that time. Thank god for blogs!

At the moment my hair is really, really unven and I am going to do everything I can to thicken it back up and keep it healthy.

I took out the beyonce blonde right after Christmas and wore a set of crochet braids for the month of January.

After taking down the crochet braids I did a hardcore aphogee treatment and deep conditioned with my lekairs.

I wore my hair in a braided ponytail for a few days and have since put my hair in two strand twists.

I plan on keeping the twists in until the end of February and after that I am thinking I want to put my hair into some singles or Senegalese twists.

My only issue at the moment is that I have been having a hard time taking care of my hair when wearing long term protective styles. I forget that I still need to deep condition my hair 1-2 times a week.

I have been attempting to drill it into my head and right now I have my twists slathered with conditioner under a plastic cap. Will rinse out in the AM.

I noticed when applying my conditioner a few of my ends snapped off into my hands. No bueno! I have not been wearing a scarf to bed which is not good and am trying to make it a habit to wear one or at least get some satin pillowcases.

I went ahead and bought 2 flexi8 clips finally. I used to have great success using them in my protective styles. I am looking forward to using them once again.

I want to straighten my hair so that I can do a proper haircut. Think I just might do a rollerset when I take out my twists. Use the big gray rollers and lightly blow dry it to get it pretty straight.

I'm not going to cut too much off but enough so that my ends don't look as crazy as they do right now. I need to even up my nape with my crown since I have been cutting my crown more and it is a tad bit more even.

I have been breaking a little more in the crown area, most likely due to the way I have been combing it. That I need to change as well.

The biggest thing I have learned when it comes to hair and well, anything in life in general is consistency. Keeping up with it all is the only way you will see progress.

I want to see progress.

I need to see progress.

With consistency I will be seeing progress.

No pics in this post. Just a ramble. Just a few thought poured out onto the page. Meh...

So the plan broken down is as follows:

1. Deep condition while in the twists 1-2x a week
2. After taking out twists do a rollerset and silk wrap
3. Give myself a good haircut while straightish
4. Put hair into singles or Senegalese twists for a month or 2
5. While in twists condition often to keep up moisture!

Simple enough!!

The twists are going to come out next weekend! I'm actually looking forward to it.... I am really looking forward to nrollersetting my hair since I have not done so in a few years! Will be doing so next week!


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Valentines Day / Date Night Makeup #1 - Video

This should have been posted to the blog a while ago. Been busy. Posting another this week. :)

Products Used

MAC Stylishly Merry
MUFE #92
MAC Signed Sealed
MAC Trax
MAC Short Shorts
MAC Electra
Loreal Linear Intense
Urban Decay Perversion

La Femme Plum Blush

MAC Purple Rite

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