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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Juice fasting for 2014 - My Mock Master Cleanse

I wanted to start the year off with a full cleanse. I really feel like doing regular cleanses is great for overall health and in try to do them at least once a year. After doing them properly I definitely feel a huge difference every time.

Day 1 - I pretty much started out on Monday. Over the weekend I kept what I ate very light and I also did a few smooth moves to clear things out. The last meal I had on Sunday was chicken and asparagus.

Since Monday I have been doing nothing but tea for the most part. I went to the store and got some Raspberry Zinger and Calming Peach tea. I already had peppermint and smooth move from before.

I had a fiber shake on the first day which was fine. No issues with that.

Before I went to sleep I had a smooth move again.

Surprisingly I felt great!

The last few times I have tried to do it I had no will power to not eat and had people around me trying to force feed me all the time. LoL not literally..

Day 2 - Was weird because I didn't think about food all day. I was not hungry at all. I didn't have any weird cravings, nothing.

I juiced some limes and brought the juice, mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper, to work so I could have enough to make the lemonade throughout the day.

I ended up using it to sweeten my tea all day. I maybe only drank one actual lemonade through out the day.
Day 3 - Again with the tea, nonstop all day. I got hungry at the end of the day because I was around someone who was making scallops and they smelled amazing!!

I absolutely love scallops...

I had to leave and go home the second I started getting that craving. LoL

I had already decided that I needed to do a salt water flush and since I was on an empty stomach when I got home I decided to do it then. Its pretty hard for me to do it in the mornings.

I mixed it up the way I always used to. Warm water and sea salt.

I have to say ever since the first time I have done a master cleanse I have absolutely hated the taste of the salt water flush.

I have never had problems keeping it down though, but this time was an utter fail!

I drank it as fast as I could, which might have been the problem. Within 10 minutes I threw it all right back up!

Because I did that I got a little frustrated and ate a single peanut M&M and drank a fiber shake.

Day 4 - I woke up to a calming peach tea and I actually feel great!

I did a fiber shake when I get home, as well as drinking hella tea. Yup! This day I did start to notice some effects of cleansing. Noting bad and nothing weird.

Day 5 - I made it pretty well until the end of the day.

I had it in my head that I was going to break the fast the next day and today I was going to have a smoothie. Yea...

I had my smoothie and I also had a bunch of Peanut M&Ms!!

As you can se I really like Peanut M&Ms.....

That may not have been the best way to break the fast but it is what I did.

I did feel like I accomplished a lot with my fast and I am glad I did it. I kind of want to do it again soon for another week. Maybe even go a little longer.

Have you tried the Master Cleanse? Or something similar?

How did you like it? Were you able to complete it? Would you do it again?

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