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Friday, January 24, 2014

Gold Grey Purp!! Makeup - Video

The first time I tried to upload this it didn't want to send to anyone's subscriptions. So I re- uploaded!!

I completely fell in love with this color combo. I sat down to do something else and decided to try something a little different. I loved the end results! Let me know what you think!

Products Used

MUFE #92
Urban Decay Desperation
MAC Woodwinked
MAC Saddle
MAC Short Shorts
Loreal Linear Intense
Urban Decay Perversion
Cover Girl Lash Perfection

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Juice fasting for 2014 - My Mock Master Cleanse

I wanted to start the year off with a full cleanse. I really feel like doing regular cleanses is great for overall health and in try to do them at least once a year. After doing them properly I definitely feel a huge difference every time.

Day 1 - I pretty much started out on Monday. Over the weekend I kept what I ate very light and I also did a few smooth moves to clear things out. The last meal I had on Sunday was chicken and asparagus.

Since Monday I have been doing nothing but tea for the most part. I went to the store and got some Raspberry Zinger and Calming Peach tea. I already had peppermint and smooth move from before.

I had a fiber shake on the first day which was fine. No issues with that.

Before I went to sleep I had a smooth move again.

Surprisingly I felt great!

The last few times I have tried to do it I had no will power to not eat and had people around me trying to force feed me all the time. LoL not literally..

Day 2 - Was weird because I didn't think about food all day. I was not hungry at all. I didn't have any weird cravings, nothing.

I juiced some limes and brought the juice, mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper, to work so I could have enough to make the lemonade throughout the day.

I ended up using it to sweeten my tea all day. I maybe only drank one actual lemonade through out the day.
Day 3 - Again with the tea, nonstop all day. I got hungry at the end of the day because I was around someone who was making scallops and they smelled amazing!!

I absolutely love scallops...

I had to leave and go home the second I started getting that craving. LoL

I had already decided that I needed to do a salt water flush and since I was on an empty stomach when I got home I decided to do it then. Its pretty hard for me to do it in the mornings.

I mixed it up the way I always used to. Warm water and sea salt.

I have to say ever since the first time I have done a master cleanse I have absolutely hated the taste of the salt water flush.

I have never had problems keeping it down though, but this time was an utter fail!

I drank it as fast as I could, which might have been the problem. Within 10 minutes I threw it all right back up!

Because I did that I got a little frustrated and ate a single peanut M&M and drank a fiber shake.

Day 4 - I woke up to a calming peach tea and I actually feel great!

I did a fiber shake when I get home, as well as drinking hella tea. Yup! This day I did start to notice some effects of cleansing. Noting bad and nothing weird.

Day 5 - I made it pretty well until the end of the day.

I had it in my head that I was going to break the fast the next day and today I was going to have a smoothie. Yea...

I had my smoothie and I also had a bunch of Peanut M&Ms!!

As you can se I really like Peanut M&Ms.....

That may not have been the best way to break the fast but it is what I did.

I did feel like I accomplished a lot with my fast and I am glad I did it. I kind of want to do it again soon for another week. Maybe even go a little longer.

Have you tried the Master Cleanse? Or something similar?

How did you like it? Were you able to complete it? Would you do it again?

Kiss Nail Dress Demo - Video

Here I did a quick demo applying the Kiss Nail Dress. I thought these were really cute and I am glad I went ahead and tried them. I will be posting a review soon.

Its 2014!!

Just wanted to come really quick and say Hi!

Im late as hell posting this to the blog but thats ok.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gold and Bold Makeup

This look I actually started off doing Beyonce's makeup in Jealous, but I didn't have a dark enough lipstick so I did my own thing! I love it! I am liking making the makeup videos again. I think I should keep it up! :)

Products Used


MAC Indianwood Paintpot
MAC Woodwinked
MAC Spiced Chocolate
Sephora cream liner


Revlon Suede Lipstick Backstage


ELF Giddy Gold

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