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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hair Diary *30* - 2 months worth of updates & 6 month QHP update

So I havent updated my hair in quite a while so I am going to go ahead and do it all in one post for the past month or so. I tried to post this last week, but was having trouble exporting my video for upload. I was finally able to get it done last night!!

For Halloween I colored the ends of my hair red. It looked awesome and everyone loved it. Now I am the girl who washes her hair every single day in the morning. Whether it is my natural hair or a weave, I have to put some water in it.

The problem with that is the red was:
A) Getting everywhere! All over my bathroom and clothes whenever my hair was still wet
B) Fading really fast. I have been trying to wash my hair with cool water but some days I have to use hot and that makes it fade even faster. At the moment there is just a slight hint of red on the ends. I think the color might have lasted for about 2 weeks before it actually turned pink and faded completely. Maybe even less.

I shampooed my hair a few times because my scalp felt icky. I ran the shampoo through the weave cap and hair as well. I hate when my scalp gets like that underneath.
Its my biggest pet peeve ever.

The problem with shampooing my hair is my braids got super frizzy and its not really good in my opinion to shampoo braids. I prefer washing loose hair. That way I feel like the hair is getting completely clean instead of partially.

A few weeks after redoing my braids in Oct. they were already really loose. I ended up wearing those particular braids for about a month and a half before taking them down the weekend before last.

This time instead of re-braiding my hair down like before, I put them into singles so that I could better get to my scalp and be able to deep condition my hair without getting too much tangling like I would with french braids.

To secure the hair down to mine I sewed a track of thread in an L shape on either side of my part and sewed the edge of my hair down on top of that. At this point I feel like this is one of the better application methods because it feels really secure and is nice and flat. Also, it hasnt slipped at all yet either. I secured the rest of it down with bobby pins and it looks great.

I kind of feel like I might have been breaking my hair off over the last few times I have been taking down and rebraiding my hair. My ends really needed to be trimmed. So this time I was extra careful with how I combed out and detangled my hair.

I didn't get any breakage this time. The Lekair's conditioner also helped as well. It has been a few months since I ran out of my last jar and no other conditioner has been able to make my hair feel the same as the Lekair's. I was really happy to have found it again, I have to say.

My hair has definitely grown a lot since I first put this hair in. I can't believe it has been 6 months already and I can't wait to be able to take it out and wear my hair. I don't think I will be doing that until next summer though.

I really want to give myself a really good haircut soon as well. I need for my ends to be nice and even. I will be doing that sometime next year.

I am going to order some new hair next month for my next style. I am definitely going to go shorter this time and I can't wait. I am not sure who I am going to order my hair from next but I do have 2 companies in mind.

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