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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hair Diary *29*

I took my hair down and redid my braids last week. I am still amazed at the fact that the QHP hair is still behaving the same as it did when I first got it. That is actually pretty amazing to me.

This time I braided my hair down in much smaller braids and instead of sewing the hair down I pinned it down really well. I got rid of the anchor braid which actually makes the hair lay much flatter than it did before.

After a week or so wearing the hair pinned down I got sick of it. The pins actually pulled at the part a lot, which ended up being really painful. So I opted to sew it down like I was doing before and it is much better.

I made a simple scalp oil that I have been applying every 1-2 days to my scalp. It contains nothing but coconut oil and msm powder. So far so good. It definitely helps with the dry scalp.

I still have my sulfur powder and oil from before, but I really cant use it on my scalp with this hair in. I tried it before and it really bothered me with the smell. It was like it got stronger as time went by. No one wants to have funky hair. So I stopped using it. The smell actually still lingers even though I have washed my hair several times since the last time I used it.

So yea when I took my hair out I did a quick length check and I am back to APL or at least grazing it. I will probably be doing a good trim when I take my hair down as well as a protein treatment.

I was playing with my hair while it was out and I noticed it is still pretty uneven. So that is something else I am going to have to work on as my hair grows out. I am just going to be doing random small trims every now and then until it all gets to the way I want it to be.

I actually think I am at a good length to go back into the baggy ponytails without any breakage. Its weird that the baggy ponytail worked so well for me in the past but when I tried it again it was kind of a disaster. I think the hair needs to all be past a certain length for it to really be successful.

That will be a project I will be experimenting with in the future.

Right now I am just going to continue to baby my hair and keep it in protective styles until I make it to my goals. I really want to get it all back to its original thickness. I dont know if that would even be possible but it would be amazing if it was.

I have no clue when I will be changing up my hair. Maybe sometime after the holidays. This is the longest I have ever worn a single hairstyle in my entire life. Funny thing about it is I am not getting tired of it!! 5 months going strong and will probably make it to 6 or 7.

Yay for awesome quality hair!!

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