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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hair Diary *28* - Getting rid of split ends

So I finally found the time to cut out the split ends on my hair! I cut a couple inches off all over.
It was definitely much needed. The entire time I wore my hair straight I was experiencing so much breakage and all of the split ends were clearly visible... Smh

I wore it straight-ish for a good 2 weeks and only wore it this long because I didn't want to wash it without cutting first.

I shampooed with a purple toning shampoo to take away the brassiness and conditioned with suave humectant.

After washing my hair curled right back up and it looks so much better. Albeit a little shorter. Which I am going to have to get used to. It shrinks up a lot more than it did before and it curls much better without the split ends.

Here are a few shots of it the next day. Semi dry.

I will continue to wear this hair for a little while longer before I get any new hair. Still obsessed with the color and the curl. Its totally me.

I think maybe next month or the month after I will finally change the hair.

I want to do a takedown soon so I can play with my hair for a day or so, then put it back up.

I cant believe I am almost completed with my second year of protective styles!!! This is insane!

I have no clue if I have actually made it to my goal for the year, so I will be doing a length check and comparison video when I am done with this protective style.

My first goal was to make it to APL this month. I think I am very close if not there already. It really doesn't even matter, but as long as I make it to my goal of BSL by my birthday next year I will be happy.

I havent been as consistent with my vitamins as I would like to be but that is fine. I am trying to keep up, given my busy schedule.

So far so good. Hope all is well with everyone else's hair journey. :)

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