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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hair Diary *27* - Migrating to finger detangling

The last time I took down my braids underneath my weave I brushed my hair out with my denman brush. I noticed that although it wasn't a lot, I was getting breakage at the ends of my hair. 

No Bueno.

Because of this I decided to start finger detangling exclusively starting the next time I did a takedown.
I have never really had problems with detangling with the denamn in the past, so this is a little strange for me. However I feel like it is doing a little more damage then before.

So now I am going to take a decent break from the denman brush. At least until I get my hair to a certain length and all around  thickness. I feel like I may need a big trim again soon. 

I took some of my braids down last night and finger detangled my hair, dry, strand by strand. After doing so I really noticed how uneven my hair was and how I still have lots of new hairs growing in. I noticed that I definitely have breakage on the ends.

The good thing about the finger detangling is that even though I did it dry I did not experience hardly any breakage! The shedding was minimal compared to what I experienced earlier this year and last year. I think my shedding era has ended finally.

So now, it is really time for me to focus on protecting my hair and taking care of it so that I can again reach my goals. I said earlier in the year that it was gonna take me another 2 years to reach my goals. That is for the most part still true. At the same time its pretty frustrating that I have not been able to keep my hair at my goal for longer than a year or so.

I hate having to constantly start over.

But it's something I have had to do. Oh well.

I am looking forward to growing my hair back out finally and really making it to my goals!

I am just going to cross my fingers that I don't have this experience with hair loss again. I've had enough!!

When I take my hair down I will continue to finger detangle exclusively. I also really need to do a henna treatment sometime soon as well as a clear rinse and protein treatment. Next month, next month...

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