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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *26*

I just started to catch up on breaking bad and OMG.

First off I cant even deal with Jessie's stupid ass. He is just ruining it all!! If it had of been me I would have taken the money and gone as far away as I possibly could. And it I was Walt I would have cut Jessie out long, long ago. The boy has done so much dumb shit throughout the entire show, I cant stand it!

Hank is a horrible human being. I couldn't stand him from the start. Took him long enough to figure it all out. I cant wait to see how this all plays out... LoL

 The Hair
I really need to take down and re sew my hair soon. My front is loosening up quite a bit and its starting not to look as great as it did a few weeks ago. I love that even though its loosening up, it actually is still pretty wearable.

I have been looking at new hair and have pretty much decided on what I want to buy for my next style. I am not going to be purchasing until maybe end of Sept or Oct because I am still planning on wearing the Blonde till then.

I actually just might wear my hair out for a little while between styles. I haven't done that in quite some time, so it should be good.

Tech Kick!!

I have been on a huge tech kick as of lately. I recently bought the HTC One which I LOVE! I also bought the Nexus 7 literally the day before they announced the second edition. By the way I loves my Nexus 7 as well!!

I actually want to get the newer Nexus as well just so I can have both. Give the old one to the babies because they play with it all the time as it is.

I am looking at a few DSLR cameras that I want to buy soon as well. The one I decided on after all my research was the Sony A58. It basically has all the features that I am looking for. It has a large enough sensor, 20mp, and a great selection of lenses. I fell in love with Sony cameras after buying the camera I use to record my videos, and I definitely think its time to upgrade.

My websites

I am in the process of beginning to revamp my websites! I am contemplating on taking BeautyandtheBabies  off of blogger and self hosting. I think that will make it a little more user friendly. So I will be designing a new layout for my site and it will be up sooner rather than later I hope. My only grip is that Blogger is not available to those who want to self host. I would rather not use WordPress. I have tried in the past, and I like Blogger much better.

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