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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *25* - Rambles...

Absolutely horrible about keeping up with everything from the blog to my Youtube channel. I will be typing up a full blog post for the Beyonce Hair series since I havent done so just yet.

The Hair
I have had the blonde in for quite some time and I absolutely love it!

I am actually thinking on keeping my hair this color indefinitely. I want to get a good closure and redo the wig itself. If I do actually find a good closure I will.

I saw some really nice body wave type hair from a different vendor that I actually do want to try out in the near future. Near future will probably be like 3 months from now. lol

I wonder if this hair that I have in now will hold up for that long. I mean it has done beautifully so far and it is coming up on 2 months for this hair. I really want to just keep this style in indefinitely! Knowing me I will be changing it up in a few months though.

But right now its good because its easy and for the most part quick. I dont really have to worry about how my hair looks as long as I have a little water around. When I get frizz I just smooth them right down with water. No product necessary.

I have had one bad hair day, and that was only because I was running late and literally had to roll out of the bed. No water, conditioner, or brush in sight. I ended up braiding the hair up that day.

My longest layer this time is 20". Next time I do want to go longer, maybe 24". 3 Bundles were just fine for me but I might do 4 next time or 3 and a closure.

Plus next time I think I will do dark hair in the beginning and then gradually change up the style by lightening the hair each month or so until I get back to the same-ish color that I have in now. 

Did I say I love this color on myself.....


Beyonce Hair to the Fullest!!!

In Life
I feel like I havnet had a day off in months. Always on the go. Never have time anymore to do the things that I would like to do. But its fine because we all have to work towards our goals to get where we want to be later in life. 

I have taken a long break from watching the news since the zimmerman verdict... Which was absolute bullshit. Add to the fact that they are staging accidents so he can look better in the public eye. Piece of shit.

I have been semi keeping up with my Insanity. Been doing it every 3 days or so. I am almost done with the first 30 days after 2 months.LOL 

Hey at least I'm making progress... I have 4 workouts left, then on to the next month!! WooHoo

After I am done with those, I am going to skip the recovery week. No need for me to do those in my opinion. So, I will be going straight into the Max interval series of workouts! I am dreading it!! OMG

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