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Monday, August 26, 2013

Hair Diary *25* - Part Close up & more Rambles

I changed up my part and the way I sewed down the hair. It felt so good to finally be able to really clean my hair underneath the weave. I didnt realize how bad it gets under there. I guess I am just too used to washing my hair every 2 days.

I show a close up of part in this video as requested. I did it this way for several reasons. 

The first reason was that I could not find a closure in the same texture hair that I actually liked. 

Second reason was that I refuse to wear my natural hair out when wearing a weave.

Third reason was I got a little lazy, and I dont particularly mind having a weave that does not look completely natural. Only when people are close up to it, do they even notice the part. Aint nobody checking my head like that... lol (and if they are they need to back off... )

My next weave I am planning on doing another Beyonce inspired style and I will be using a closure. I am planning on trying another vendor who seems to have good reviews and quality. From the pics the hair looks awesome. Im going to see if they can do a custom piece for me.

But that wont be for another couple of months. Will be keeping this in for a while longer. :)

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