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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Insanity Challenge | Fit Test 2

I did my second Fit Test Monday night along with Cardio Curcuit.

Yes, I actually did both in the same night!!

So my results are as follows. I will post my measurements at a later date.

Fit Test 1
Switch Kicks - 50
Power Jacks - 30
Power Knees - 60
Power Jumps - 36
Globe Jumps - 28
Suicide Jumps - 11
Push-Up Jacks - 15
Low Plank Oblique - 54

Fit Test 2
Switch Kicks - 52
Power Jacks - 40
Power Knees -53
Power Jumps -30
Globe Jumps - 40
Suicide Jumps - 15
Push-Up Jacks -20
Low Plank Oblique -60

I did a little better in most of them, but in some I did fall a little short.

I am going to make an excuse and say that I did do the Fit Test AFTER I did the Cardio Curcuit and also that my ankle was bothering me.

No clue why my ankle hurt that day but whatever.

I didnt have time to measure, but last week when I did I lost inches in all my problem areas and gained an inch in my ASS!!

I have not a single problem with that because its all muscle!

I actually gained a pound surprisingly last time I checked. But its ok because its all in my ass....

I gained a pound of Ass......

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