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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Insanity Challenge - Days 9-30 I lost track...

So I have been doing Insanity for 4 weeks now!!

Yes, I did and unfortunately I am only 2 damn weeks into the program!!!! I am actually on Day 15.

I took quite a few days off here and there, and as of today I have not done it in an entire week. (Since last Tuesday)

Yes, Slacking, Big Time!! Well technically aside from last week I was doing it every 1-2 days which in my opinion is pretty good, seeing how intense the workout is.

I will say that I have had Laryngitis for the past 5 days, so thats going to be my excuse for last week Dammit!!!

Tonight I am going to do my second Fit Test and record so I can post tomorrow. I also want to run a mile & do the next workout which will be the Polymetric Cardio Circuit video tonight.

Most definitely will be posting tomorrow because I have to update my measurements and my Fit Test progress!!

But yea, I have measured myself and have been taking pictures to keep up with everything. I will be posting pictures and everything else when you can actually see a big difference.

My goal is not so much to loose weight but I do want to really tone up all over. My 3 problem areas are my midsection, my upper arms and also my inner thighs. Those are the only problem areas that I need to work on and I have actually seen a big improvement in it already!

I am actually excited to see how I do on the Fit Test tonight. I wonder how much progress I have actually made since the first.

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