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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday *23*

The One

After 2 weeks with the #HTCOne phone I am absolutely in love.

I got a few cases for it, alone with some Monster iSport headphones, and an armband for running. The iSports are awesome and they stay put during a workout! I am so happy with my purchase.

Master Cleanse & Fitness

I slacked off on my running for a good month or two and obviously I paid for it. I went back up and am 7lbs heavier than I was before. Ughh.

So I am currently in my cleanse mode! I started a quick master cleanse and am on my third day. No cheats. Unfortunately I will only be able to go until friday because I have something going on, on Saturday which includes alcohol... lol Of course I cant drink on an empty stomach. Or at least not vey much.

So Im going to do my 3 days and cheat on Saturday and then go back and try to complete another 3-4 days. That way I will have 6-7 days total.

After that I am going to do a lot of juicing and raw fruits and veggies to make up for eating like crap and not being active. That is a recipe for fatness and disaster. LoL For me at least.

I havent done any SWFs yet. I just havent been able to bring myself to doing it first thing in the morning. Its so gross, but I need to do it at least twice. Going to have to get up super early like 6am. Ok.. yea tmi..

I have been walking/running for 2-3 miles about every other day for the past week and a half and I love it. I want to get to where I am doing it everyday and I want to cut my time down by about 15mins. It took me 55mins to do 3 miles the other day. I want to drop that down to 40-45mins.

It took a minute to build my stamina back up. Since I havent been active, my legs were cramping like crazy after like 10 mins. I started stretching before, running, stretching again, and finishing the run and then doing an hr or so of yoga. That has worked really well for me.

I am also getting back into my yoga, again... Which I loves. Its really cool because my flexibility is much better than I thought it was.

The Hair

I am still wearing my ponytail baggy. I am still debating on where I am going to buy my hair from. All these companies are so iffy and there is no way in hell I am going to pay $500 for hair that I am only going to wear for a month. Maybe $200... lol

But yea, I actually am going to order sometime this weekend so I can have my hair done by next weekend.

One more week of the baggy!! Protective styling for the summer!!

I was actually debating on getting another lace wig and bleaching it out. But I think it would be better to just do the wefts like I origionally planned. Yea.. tons of uncertainty. But I will work it all out, like always. LoL

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