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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Insanity challenge - Days 3-8

I started insanity last week Sunday. I did 3 days of it straight and struggled with it! I was in so much pain the first entire week!
The 4th day I had to take a break, then I started back on Thursday. I had a lot of stuff going on, on Fri & Sat, so I took those days off as well. But I went extra hard on Sunday!

Last week broken down
Day 1 - Fit Test & Jillian Michaels Shed & Shred
Day 2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Day 3 - Cardio Power and Resistance
Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - Cardio Recovery
Day 6&7 - Rest
Day 8 - Pure Cardio

Day 8, which was Sunday, I did Pure Cardio, which itself is super intense. It basically is an hr straight of cardio with no breaks, hence the name. Obviously I had to take a few breaks here and there because I was in so much pain. But after the Insanity I hopped on the treadmill and ran for 1.25 miles, then I did some pilates, yoga, and hip hop abs for another hour.

I was sweating like crazy and my core felt cold to the touch which is what I look for when doing a lot of cardio.

The best part about it is since I have been basically doing these crazy intense workouts so close together, my muscles do not hurt anymore!!!

I felt soooooo good after that workout yesterday, I really feel like I should do a 2 hr workout EveryDay! Yea, that may sound a little intense, but I really want to get toned up. That will make me happy.

So far, I am really in love with Insanity and will probably continue to do it forever and ever and ever... Shaun T is so awesome!!

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