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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hair Diary *23* - Blonde Bombshell

I have been wanting to go blonde for quite some time now. The only thing that was stopping me was finding a good hair vendor.

These things can be really iffy and finding the right one takes time. I decided to go ahead and buy from QHP. I got the deep curl hair in lengths 16", 18", & 20".

I started off by processing the hair as I usually do. I shampooed and conditioned, sealed the wefts, bleached out the hair to the color I wanted, and deep conditioned.

I sewed the hair onto a wig cap and braided down my hair so I could sew my wig down.

This was kind of an experiment and I ended up playing with it to the point where I sewed it in and took it down like 4 times before I finally decided to leave it. Knowing me I will probably take it out again and redo it at least once more.

I had this great idea but because I basically only had one weft left it didnt really work out as I wanted it to. Plus I got lazy and didnt feel like finishing said great idea... So I will probably be redoing it once my braids get yucky underneath in like a week or 2 so.. yea.

The hair itself is holding up beautifully!!!!

I have been cowashing it almost daily and the curls are beautiful. Total Beyonce hair!! I've been called Foxy Cleopatra quite a few times already.. lol

I really love it so far, very little shedding, very little to almost no tangling. At this point I will be buying from them again.

I will try to have all the videos I recorded, edited and posted by the end of this weekend. Maybe next...

Recorded footage include: initial reaction, sealing wefts, bleaching hair, making manikin head, sewing down wefts, and finally applying the hair.

Many, many hours to edit down to minutes, which is going to take many more hours to complete...


But yes, I will have them all posted soon.

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