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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Hair Diary *22* - I bought new Hair!! & Baggy Ponytail Benefits

I finally bought new hair!! I have been researching hair companies for the past few months trying to decide who I wanted to order from. Its weird because I kept coming back to the same vendor.

I ended up buying from QHP at 4am last night. I got 3 bundles, of 20, 18, & 16" deep wave hair, of course! I want a nice layered look and am going to bleach out the hair only leaving the roots so that it will blend with my hair.

I am planning on making the hair into a U part wig with NO leave out. I have an idea that I want to try out to hide the braids and tracks. I still have to work out how to execute it but that will be worked out when I sew in my hair.

Been ponytail baggying over the past month or so. Over this time I have noticed that my hair has really benefitted from doing so.

The baggy along with deep conditioning 1-2 times a week has left me with very soft hair and very very little breakage. I have not been doing the daily cowash thing lately, like I did when I first started out, but my hair still seems to be ok.

Today, I took out the pony baggy and washed with As I Am Coconut Cowash and used Suave humectant as my leave in. I am debating on when to put my ponytail back in, because I am not busy this weekend.

I am going to wear my ponytail for just one more week before I put in my summer hair. As long as my hair gets here by next weekend. The sewin should give my hair a good break and an extra inch or so of length when I take it out. I am planning on keeping this hair in until the end of the summer. :)

I wore my hair out for a little while a few weeks ago and since I am at that length where I am still rubbing against my shoulders I did notice a bit of breakage. It wasnt much but it was definitely enough for me to say later for wearing my hair out until it grows a little longer.

I always prefer long hair on me though. Later for the short hair.

I am really looking forward to going fully blonde! Ive never done it before and Im sure it will look awesome on my complexion. Im thinking Im going to do it in an ombre. Dark roots and honey blonde hair. Maybe make the tips a little lighter.

I also want to pick up a few flexi8 clips. I could make some of my own but I like theirs for now. I havent come up with the perfect design for my hair clip just yet. I have so many drawn out but havent made any yet.

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