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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - TOLT *21*

Im going to switch up my TOLT format. I want to talk more about current news, relationships, and of course Hair! It is getting a bit difficult to keep up with how I was posting before. Its hard to think out loud in a bulleted list. lol

In the News
Its awful and yet amazing to me to see all the different national stories going on in the news today. There have been so many tragic stories seemingly one right after another over the past few weeks, months, and years. From Jodi Arias to Trevon Martin. The Colorado movie theater and Sandy Hook elementary. The Boston Bombing and now the Cleveland kidnapping.

I would really like to know what is wrong with people and how they think that these things are ok and are what they should be doing.

Jodi and her imaginary crime of passion. Why would you go through so much to cover your tracks before hand if you didnt plan this all out well ahead of time. So obvious. Problem I have with her is that she is cute. What is with the sociopathic good looking people. They are always the ones. I think its crazy.

At least with that case the jury had more sense than those in the Casey Anthoney case. Lets hope the people of Florida have learned to put the pieces together for the Trevon Martin's case. Zimmerman needs to be behind bars.

In Life
Recently someone told me that a woman who does not go half on dinner after knowing someone for a good amount of time has no self respect.... He said she needs to "pull her own weight".
I personally find that to be extremely stupid and kind of selfish. In my opinion and in my experience if your are just dating a man and are not in a (key word) serious relationship you should know your worth. You should know and be open about what you are willing and not willing to do for him. In my experience men enjoy paying for dinner, drinks, movies and other things.

I was thrown aback by this comment and I am not sure I would be interested in creating a serious relationship with someone who has a problem with taking care of my needs. Im the type of girl who does not ask a guy for things. If he offers then cool, Im happy. But the fact that I am used to being told "No" by the few people who you would think would always say "Yes", I have grown to not even bother asking.

I like a man who can cherish his woman and in my opinion it shouldnt be 50/50 financially until a ring is put on her finger. The thing some men dont realize is that most of the time they are competing for the affection of a woman. Why should I put my time and energy and money into him when that is not required from someone else, who will treat me better.

Its not that I am not willing to dish out my own money for things. The biggest issue I have with this situation is that if someone offers or invites you out, in my opinion they should pay. That goes for all genders. If I invite you to my house, Im cooking. If I invite you to a restaurant, I will offer to pay.
Pull your own weight... LOL

If you dont live together I wouldnt consider that to have anything to do with the situation.

But the question bodes.... What do you think? Who pays for dinner? When should the woman pay?

The Hair
I totally suck about posting my videos in a timely manner on the blog. So since the last 3 videos or so have been posted on YT I am just going to do a few scheduled daily posts starting tomorrow for each video.

Since I cut my hair I have actually been able to wear my natural hair out and it looked great! During the week I have been wearing my infamous ponytail baggy. I really need to get a few more ponytails and will probably place an order for more in a few weeks. I still have the 3 that I bought last year and they are in good shape but obviously synthetic hair does not last very long.

I should venture into the human hair drawstring ponytails. I have only used the synthetic before because it is my preference but I want to see how long the human will last compared and how the hair feels.

I have become a bit of a snob when it comes to human hair. I wont wear it unless it is top of the line preferrably virgin. My lace wig has spoiled me and I havent been satisfied with less ever since I got her. <333 sigh="">
So thats my TOLT for the week. Hopefully I can find the time and keep up with it. LoL

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