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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hair Diary *21* - Frequent Deep Conditioning

Long long ago when I grew my hair from 6" to MBL I found the key to keeping my hair intact and in the magical land of NO Breakage, I needed to deep condition my hair twice a week.

When you have a busy schedule it is pretty difficult to keep to a regimen like that. I found that setting reminders on my calender helps tremendously with keeing everything in order.

After following the calender for so long you get used to doing it and it becomes second nature. I am trying to get back to how I used to do my hair. Cowashes every 1-2 days, deep conditioning twice a week.

That is where my hair does its best.

Add in the protective styles and the protein, moisture balance and you have a recipe for growth.

Everyones hair is different and we all experience setbacks. That is a part of life in general. But once you find what works for your hair you really need to stick with it.

Sometimes the second you try something new or slack off in any way, you are asking for a huge setback. This was the case for me when I thought it would be a good idea to do a Brazillian Keratin Treatment.

My hair was beautiful afterward, but a year later I am starting all over again. I was at BSL when I did the BKT.

So basically this will be my third time growing my hair back out. It takes time to make it to your goals. for me it takes 2 years to grow from the scalp to MBL. Ive done that twice already.

My goal from now on is not to make a certain length, but to prevent future hairloss. It is very difficult and frustrating to make it to a goal and lose it all right away.

I have yet to really ever enjoy my hair at MBL.

I believe I will hit that goal again sometime next year and hopefully at that time I will not experience any setbacks for a very very long time.

Long hair is something I strive for not because I have never had it before, or because my hair wont grow. But I prefer my appearance with long natural curly hair.

We all can and will make our goals. The key is always stay consistent.

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