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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hair diary *20* - Hardcore Protein Maaannnnn...

I was experiencing some serious breakage so it was necessary to do something drastic to stop it in its tracks.

My hair actually really likes protein and I have found it to be important to incorporate it into my regimen regularly. I have to keep up with my hardcore protien treatments every few months or else I experience breakage. In between I like to use Aphogee's reconstructor to cowash with or in my ponytail baggy.

In the video, I did the hardcore Aphogee 2 step, section by section. Rinsed and then deep conditioned with Lekairs, Aussie Moist 3 min miracle, and EVOO.

I let the conditioner sit overnight and rinsed in the morning. Added some suave humectant conditioner and I braided my hair down so that I could wear my lace wig for the next week.

The week after I wore my hair in a ponytail baggy and am actually still wearing it now.

I attempted to do my ponytail baggy a few months ago but because my hair was all over the place lengthwise it really wasnt a good idea. I experienced breakage and because the hair was so uneven I was making my ponytails too tight which would have caused thinning edges if I would have continued.

Now that my hair is pretty even it works out really well. My ends all fit into the baggy nicely and my baby hair syndrome has subsided as my hair grew out.

I decided to do only natural styles until at least July. I wanted to stay away from the weaves for a little while, but still keep up with my protective styles at the same time.

So far my hair is digging it and I am falling in love with my natural hair all over again. :)

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