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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hair Diary *19* - Choppp!!!

So after I took down my Tree Braids I decided that it was time to let my uneven ends go.

I cant stand uneven ends and the fact that my hair does this every few years. For those who may not know I have been battling hormonal hair loss for 9 years now.

My hair used to be super, super thick and dense before all of this. The first time I got on birthcontrol I tried the Depo shot. I had a few complications with this so after the first shot I did not go back. Complications including hairloss.

Next I tried The Ring, which I actually loved but I noticed my hair was falling out like crazy. I thought it was because of the relaxer so I went natural. Later I realized it was The Ring.

A few years later I tried Mirena which caused a long laundry list of problems for me. The biggest one which was hair loss and cervical dysplaysia.

I am going to contribute my recent hair loss to BKT I did twice lase year and also MN which I tried for a month or so last year.

My hair literally purged.....

When new hair grows in the end of the hair is fine and tapered. My head is actually covered with these new hairs. I call new hairs baby hairs when they first grow in, and that initial grow out stage I like to refer to as baby hair syndrome because the baby hairs can be very difficult to control.

After the cut, I have a good 8" of hair, meaning none of my hair is older than a year and 4 months.

I chopped a good 3-6" of hair off depending on the section. It was the best thing to do because I was holding on to the length because I felt some type of way about having short hair again.

I needed to let go of the hair to let go of the fear and I am really happy I did. Now I can actually wear my natural hair out and not flip out about how silly it looks.

After the chop I still experienced a little breakage so I decided to do some hardcore treatments....

More about that in tomorrows post..

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