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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Working a Craft Show

So over the weekend I did my first public craft show to showcase my jewelry. I thought it would be good to post about my experience.

I decided I wanted to start off with one day of the show so it could be like a learning experience for me, and I am actually glad that I did so.

I did the second day of the show and obviously because I was basically one of the last ones to come in I didnt get a very good spot. I did get moved closer into the crowd because some of the other vendors had left early. So that was good...

After being moved I did notice a HUGE increase in traffic.

I did well for it being my first day and considering everything that was going on.

I want to talk about the problems I encountered.

1st - The Weather

  • It was ridiculouslly windy the day of! It was so windy that all of my displays kept blowing over. I couldnt put up my canopy due to the wind. I had to take down my second table because it was just way too much to try to keep 2 tables worth of things from falling over, plus my table cloth kept trying to blow away!!. I basically spent the first few hours of the show trying to control this! I ended up taping everything to the top of the table. A few people's canopies got blown over and broke. Everyones displays were blowing everywhere! It was crazy!

2nd - The distance from the entrance

  • Because I was so far from the entrance I did not get as much foot traffic as I would have liked. Once I was moved I saw many, many more people and saw many more sales as well.

Next time I am going to make sure I get there very early so I can make sure to get a good spot. Location  is one of the most important things, so I am going to do some of my set up the night before and then finish the day of.

Next time I also want to get canopy walls so my booth can be more enclosed. Maybe just one or two will work just fine, since I am going to be using two tables.

I made frame displays to hang my earrings and necklaces from. I need to make bracelet displays for the next shows.

Also, I am going to make a bunch of soaps for the next show. I love making soaps and other products and I think it would be great to actually start selling them like I said I wanted to do way back when, but never really did.... lol

So yea, all of this and what I learned from doing my first show will hopefully lead to a much better show in the future and from now on.

Things I made sure to have on hand
  • Obviously a wide range of items to be sold and displays
  • 2 6' tables - I only used one - Next time just one 6' and one 4' will be fine
  • Fitted black table cloths
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Other decorative elements - people see pretty one the outside the come looking for pretty inside :) I made floral mesh flowers to line the canopy, but used them on the table instead. Also I will be using curling ribbon to hang from the canopy next time. I also have clear glass vases to display some of the bracelets.
  • I put out a candy dish, which many people walking by promptly stole from... lol
  • Had to have a locking cash box and my chair, which I hardly got a chance to sit in.
  • I had organza bags and shopping bags and surprisingly no one even used them...
  • I also had some of my tools with me so that I could make some items which I did actually use.
  • Made sure to have a receipt book and a sales book to keep track of everything.
There is other stuff I'm sure. All in all I do feel like I was as prepared as I could have been. It was definitely a learning experience for me and next time will be much better.

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