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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hair Diary *15* - Beautiful Mess

Here is the video for this style.. Finally.

The pics below are after the hair was combed out, which is why it may look a little frizzy. The second pic below is how I usually wore my hair. I used a few bobby pins to push the front up so it wouldnt be so flat and let the back hang loose. Sometimes I braided the ends, I wore a fishtail braid at one point. I also did a loose french braid going down one side of the mohawk, which was really cute.

I had my pink & purple mohawk in for a week, maybe a little more than a week. It was beautiful! I loved the style & got tons of compliments on it.

Let's talk about the hair I used. I originally posted about this hair a few years ago in this blog post.
I ordered from a Chinese vendor who sent me this crap hair when I actually paid for custom pieces. He basically sent me whatever he had lying around because he forgot about my order completely.

I knew that the hair itself was going to be bad because I did use some of the hair from a previous batch when I first got it, and it was a tangling mess as well. I had to detangle daily and mousse it up to keep it looking nice.

Too much work!

But, I figured why let the hair go to waste, so I bleached it & colored it pink & purple!

I already knew that this wasn't great hair, but I knew how to keep it tamed for the most part.

I wore it for a few days 2 years ago in a mohawk for new years and again this past week.

With really bad hair I find it best to wash the hair daily or every other day with conditioner. This time I didn't use any product except for a silicone based to smooth flyaways a little. When I get buildup which tends to be about every few days I use shampoo.

I was pretty good with taking care of this hair in the beginning but the last few days I was traveling and didn't have time to wash the hair. I wore it in a braid to keep it nice but had an event to go to so I took the braid down.

This was a huge mistake!

Within an hour my hair began to tangle and Matt. I tried to comb it out and separate the curls but it wasn't having it!

By the time I got back to the house where I could actually do something about it it was too late.
I spent the next 2 days trying to brush out this huge dreadlock that my long, beautiful, waves had become.

I got frustrated to the point where I took the style out on the last day of my trip before I left! So now my hair is in a huge bun and I want to cut my ends again.... Lol

My next hairstyle will be a set of treebraids, using the same hair that I used for my crochet braids. I love the curl of that hair!

Stay tuned for that video! Hopefully I will have it up soon, given that I actually have time to do so... :)

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